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Soo Line Railroad trains in
North Dakota Picture Gallery

There are very few train pictures on the internet from North Dakota. This is my attempt to correct this serious problem. One advantage of having friends flung far a field is that I could generally work some train chasing into the trip to see them. After visiting a friend in Fargo we had the perfect weather for doing some serious train chasing. For this series we begin in Enderline, North Dakota and chase a Soo Line train toward Minot on October 25, 1985. The Soo Line began building into North Dakota in 1886 and completed the line to Portal and a connection with the Canadian Pacific in 1893. The Soo Line was the first railroad west of Chicago to be completely dieselized in February 1955.

All pictures in this series are on disks 13 and 14. You can purchase a disk and printout any of the pictures for your own use to dress up your train room or add color to a house that just cries out for more train pictures.

Valley City