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PRB coal train near Joyce, NE going to North Antelope mine

PRB coal train near Joyce, NE going to North Antelope mine PRB coal train near Joyce, NE

The CNW built a new line from Joyce on the Union Pacific west of Morrill to connect with the old Cowboy Line near Crandall in 1984. Train NWNAX is on the new line running north of Joyce and is bridging over the BN line between Northport and Guernsey. The train has engines 8563, UP6293, and 9286 and will load at the North Antelope mine. In 1992, North Antelope loaded about 35 trains per month for this power plant. This portion of the C&NW (later UP) line is now double track. Disk 81

PRB empty coal train near Joyce

On my first trip to the Powder River Basin I was trying to shoot video and slides at the same time. I soon found that shooting good video is a full time job. However there is something unique about a good slide picture. At higher shutter speeds the picture is not affected by the wind and since there is no audio you can't tell that we are right next to the highway. I had given up trying to shoot video as the wind was blowing so hard that it was hard to hold the video camera steady even though it was on a tripod. I decided to concentrate on taking some good slides and this sequence is the result. This was the second empty train to come out of South Morrill in the span of about a half hour.

PRB empty coal train going to North Antelope mine

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