Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

North Little Rock to New Orleans

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The other main line out of North Little Rock heads southeast to Pine Bluff and McGehee (mp447), where it joins the old Little Rock bypass line from Paragould. From McGehee (mp408), it heads south to Monroe (mp502) and Alexandria (mp601), where it joins the old T&P line from Marshall and Shreveport. It then runs southeast to Avondale Yard in New Orleans.

ALNL left Alexandria at 935PM with engines MP3266, MP3253, and MP4637 pulling 87 loads and 26 empties. These units came into Alexandria on the NOKC. It left McGehee at 530AM and arrived in North Little Rock at 1030AM.

NOKC departed from Avondale Yard yesterday at 555AM with 14 loads and 21 empties and had engines MP3266, MP3253, and MP4637. It traded power in Alexandria for engines MP4809, 3605, and MP3285. It left McGehee at 430AM with 76 loads and 53 empties and arrived in North Little Rock at 1040AM. Later today, it would set out 40 cars at Newport.

LAI75 left North Little Rock at 715AM with engines MP2113, MP2262, MP2074, and 1678 pulling 52 loads and 60 empties. It was thundering out of Pine Bluff (mp391).

GLKCBE was at McGehee with 76 loads for Beaumont and would be called at 100PM. It would pick up 41 loads for Houston at Collinston (mp481).

KCNO departed from Neff Yard at 910PM on the 5th with engines 2467, MP3212, 2907, and 135 pulling 48 loads and 17 empties at 5,512 tons. It departed Carthage at 315AM on the 6th with 21 loads and 30 empties, 2,995 tons. It set out engine 2907 at Cotter. At Newport, it set out engine 135, set out 29 Alexandria cars for ASAL and picked up 13 North Little Rock cars. It left North Little Rock at 330AM with engines 3964, MP3140, 1602, MP2000, and MP1719 dragging 62 loads and 47 empties. Engine 3964 soon developed fuel problems and died. It met NOKC and ALNL at Grady (mp410). It had just pulled out of Monroe (mp503) at 1145AM with 57 loads and 32 empties.

CRDJR left Rodemacher at 620AM with with engines 3697, 3147, and 3585 pulling 106 empties. It was now chuffing along near Georgetown (mp562) and would meet the KCNO at Grayson.

2ALNL departed from Alexandria at 1040AM with engines 3612 and MP3110 pulling 15 loads and 95 empties and was now entering Antonia (mp577).

FWNO left Fort Worth yesterday at 520PM with engines 2400, 2486, and 3186 pulling 12 loads and 63 empties. It picked up nine empties at Arlington, 11 loads at Mesquite, and eight loads at Marshall. It set out three loads and 27 empties at Reisor and left Shreveport at 550AM. It picked up nine loads at Westdale. It had just cleared Texmo Jct. (mp597) and would soon pull into Alexandria with 37 loads and 45 empties.

DANOZ with engine 3804 and six loads departed from Mesquite at 240AM. It met NOFW at Westdale and was now sailing along near Bunkie.

HNS left Houston at 215AM with engines NS3327, NS7000, and NS7049 pulling 58 loads and 40 empties. It left DeQuincy at 725AM and was now loping along near Grosse Tete (mp102). It would leave Addis at 120PM with 45 loads and 19 empties.

NOKC departed from Avondale Yard at 905AM with engines 4126, MP4672, and 3524 pulling 49 loads and 64 empties. It was now pulling into Addis (mp90) with 64 loads and 71 empties.

N180 left Houston at 440PM with 34 loads and 57 empties and had engines MP3503 and MP1603. It set out, picked up, and left Amelia at 815PM with 27 loads and 64 empties. It changed crews at DeQuincy and departed at 1045PM. It met N185 at Fulton (mp523) and met N181 at Kinder. While setting out at Kinder, it struck an automobile at a grade crossing. It finally left Kinder at 400AM with 29 loads and 54 empties and tied up at Addis at 930AM.

KCNO departed Kansas City at 925PM on the 4th. It had engines MP5049, MP3116, MP3273, and MP3520 with 61 loads and seven empties in tow. It left North Little Rock at 550AM yesterday with engines 3408, 3120, and 249 pulling 55 loads and 44 empties. It added engines MP4809 and 3605 at Alexandria and departed at 1150PM with 44 loads and 46 empties. It set out nine loads and five empties at Addis. It set out 27 empties and picked up 18 at Taft (mp29). It met the NHS at Ama (mp21) and tied up at Avondale Yard at 900AM this morning.

GEAVNP with engines 3605 and MP4809 had just left Avondale Yard at 1145AM. These units came into New Orleans on the KCNO.