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Southern Pacific Railroad depot and freight trains at Vaughn, New Mexico

Southern Pacific Railroad freight train at Vaughn, New Mexico

I slept in the car near Vaughn and in my evening prayer asked the Lord for a couple trains to chase the next day along the old Golden State Route. The next morning, the sun has only been up about a half hour and already I have a train to chase. Thank you Lord. The NXEST with engines 6770, 8528, 7402, and 7621 leaves Vaughn on February 25, 1988.

Southern Pacific Railroad depot at Vaughn, New Mexico

This is the only picture I have of the Southern Pacific Railroad depot at Vaughn. It was taken on February 21, 1974.

Southern Pacific Railroad freight train DHECG at Vaughn, New Mexico

The El Paso & Northeastern came through Vaughn first in 1902 from the south, joining the Rock Island at Santa Rosa. The El Paso & Southwestern acquired the El Paso & Northeastern in 1905 and the SP took over control of the El Paso & Southwestern in 1924. In 1907, the Santa Fe built over the El Paso & Northeastern as they headed west to Belen constructing a new line to bypass the steep grades on Raton Pass. The only tunnel on the former Southern Pacific track between Los Angeles and Kansas City is at Vaughn. Train DHECG charges out of Vaughn on February 16, 1988. The train had engines 7268, 7872, 7789, 7853, 7794, 7882 pulling 80 loads and a caboose at 11,374 tons. Disk 59

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