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Santa Fe Railway freight trains at Taiban, NM

Santa Fe Railway westbound freight train 348 at Taiban, NM

At the west end of Taiban US 60 bridges over the tracks and will then be on the south side of the tracks until west of Fort Sumner. Be careful taking pictures from this bridge as the highway traffic zooms right along. Taiban is at milepost 703 at an elevation of 4,135 feet. Train 348 (Extra 4671 West) is at the west end of Taiban on May 16, 1978. Train 348 handled loaded and empty manifest traffic and some TOFC for Phoenix (set out at Winslow) and Los Angeles. Disk 60

Santa Fe Railway eastbound freight train 863 at Taiban, New Mexico

Train 863 is approaching Taiban on August 20, 1981 with engines 8104, 8065, 5563, 5429. In 1928, ATSF added a desk interlocking panel at Taiban with 4 levers to control the 2 passing track switches.

Santa Fe engines 8104 and 8065 on eastbound freight train 863 at Taiban