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Santa Fe Railway trains by the depot at Vaughn, NM

ATSF Railway train depot at Vaughn, NM

It is early morning on May 18, 1978 at Vaughn. A westbound train is waiting for Extra 5056 East to clear so it can continue on single track to Belen. Vaughn is at milepost 788 and the elevation is 5,925 feet. Vaughn is the only town in New Mexico where the main lines of two railroads cross one another. Disk 60

ATSF Railway westbound train approaching Vaughn, NM

At the east end of Vaughn, US 60 joins US 54 then bridges over the tracks and joins US 285. Extra 5043 West is on the older section of double track that ran east from Vaughn to Joffre. The train is about to go under the US 54 and 60 bridge on June 16, 1979. That is highway 285 way off to the right. The dirt road just to the right of the tracks was US 70, later US 60. Before 1937, the road between Yeso and Vaughn crossed the tracks at Cardenas, Duoro, and five miles east of Vaughn. During 1944, ATSF installed US&S interlocking at Vaughn to control the single track between Vaughn and Joffre. Six signals were moved and 12 removed in preparation for adding the second track. After the second track was completed, the 
interlocking was modified to control 5 switches with 12 levers.