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Santa Fe Railway Harvey House at Belen, NM

Santa Fe Railway Harvey House at Belen, NM

Belen, the Spanish version of Bethlehem, was established on the west bank of the Rio Grande in 1740. Because Belen is at the bottom of the valley next to the Rio Grande River, most railfans don't realize that it is 800 feet higher in elevation than the summit over the Tehachapi Mountains. In 1984, the Santa Fe installed CTC between Belen and Gallup. Piggyback train symbol 589 has just completed its crew change at Belen, NM on December 23, 1985. It has engines 5367, 5628, and 5335. Behind the engines in the top picture is the Belen Harvey House. It is now a railroad museum and home to a model railroad club.

Santa Fe engines 5367, 5628, and 5335 on train 589 at Belen, NM

The Santa Fe later built a new crew office and parking lot just to the left of the locomotives.

Santa Fe Railway train 589 at Belen, New Mexico

The double track line to Barstow curves off to the left. The line up to Albuquerque goes to the right. The new Rail Runner commuter station was built just to the right of the silver M/W cars. The mountain in the background is near Los Lunas. To the west of this mountain is the junction with the passenger line out of Albuquerque at Dalies. Disk 62

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