Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

North Platte to Omaha

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From North Platte the double track follows the North Platte River all the way to Valley (mp28) where the tracks turn due east and come into Omaha (mp5) at 1,033 feet. Along the way, the line to Kansas City swings off at Gibbon (mp176) and it crosses the BN main line to the Powder River Basin at Grand Island (mp146).

USST left Fremont at 1005PM on the 4th with engines CNW5062, CR6496, CR6752, and CR6427. It arrived in North Platte at 515AM with 99 loads, 12,544 tons, and was being held until the US Steel plant in Pittsburg, CA was ready for more steel.

PRNPA departed Fremont at 100AM with CNW5050 pulling 43 loads and 24 empties, 5,579 tons. It picked up seven loads at Schuyler (mp69), one load at Clarks (mp114), and two loads at Cozad (mp238). It pulled into North Platte at 840AM with 53 loads and 24 empties, 6,373 tons.

CSNPZ left Chicago yesterday at 1248PM with engines CNW5075, CNW5078, and 3282 pulling 41 loads, 2,799 tons. It left Fremont at 400AM, followed the KLLB4A into North Platte, and tied up at 935AM.

KCNPZ left Armstrong Yard last night at 945PM with engines 3562, MP3100, and 3358 pulling 12 loads, 785 tons. It picked up four loads at Topeka and arrived in North Platte at 940AM.

NLNP left North Little Rock at 645PM on the 5th with 76 loads and 33 empties, 8,047 tons. It picked up eight loads and three empties at Van Buren and left yesterday morning at 1230AM. It departed Coffeyville at 525AM, met the KCNL at Hecla and followed XCWBJR from Leeds to 18th Street Yard. It left 18th Street Yard at 305PM with engines 3324, MP3308, MP3188, 3063, 3328, 2403, MP3150, and 3578 dragging 84 loads and 36 empties, 8,586 tons. It followed the XCWBJR from Alfalfa Center to North Platte and tied up at 1010AM.

SMU left Memphis at 1045PM on the 5th with engines 6033, 6054, and 4173 pulling 74 loads and 22 empties. It set out 17 loads and 20 empties at Crawfordsville (mp362). It departed Cotter at 805AM with 56 loads and two empties. It traded power in Kansas City for engines MP5022 and MP5034 and left 18th Street Yard yesterday at 755PM. It went into emergency near Fairbury (mp184). The crew inspection found nothing. It let the KCNPZ run around it at Hedrix (mp194). It got stuck in a parade behind the NLNP and 2CWBJR at Alfalfa Center (mp192) waiting for the KLLB4A and CSNPZ to pass on the north main. It arrived in North Platte at 1040AM.

NPPTA had engines CNW5095, MILW165, and WM4364 and would leave at 1225PM with 54 loads and 68 empties at 8,801 tons. These three units came in on the APLA3X yesterday.

XNPCB had just been put together and would have engines 3587, 4293, and 2414 added at 1245PM. It would leave at 140PM with 77 loads and 21 empties at 9,741 tons.

NPEMA would have engines 3562 and MP3100 added at 110PM and would leave North Platte at 200PM with 23 loads and 88 empties at 5,018 tons. These two engines came in on the KCNPZ this morning.

NPPRA had 86 loads and 15 empties at 9,620 tons. It would soon get engines CNW5053, 3310, and 3658 and was called for 215PM. These units came in on the KLLB4A this morning.

NPKC had 70 loads and 39 empties at 9,438 tons. It was waiting for power and was called for 230PM.

2PRNPB left Council Bluffs at 415AM with engines 3695, MP4821, and 2293 pulling 35 loads and 35 empties at 5,016 tons. At North Bend, it picked up two loads and 48 empties set out earlier by the PRNPB. It was now near Brady (mp261). These units came into Council Bluffs yesterday morning on LNH52.

NPBI was barreling through Gothenburg (mp249) with 89 loads and four empties, 9,612 tons, pulled by engines CNW5065, CNW6868, and 6028.

NPASCX departed North Platte at 1015AM with engines 3424, 2891 and 3783 dragging 80 loads and nine empties, 8,933 tons. It was approaching Elm Creek (mp204).

CCDSA left South Morrill at 640AM with engines 6009 and MP5015 pulling 111 loads. It left North Platte at 1000AM and was now plodding along near Overton. The NPASCX would run around it at Gibbon.

NPHOT left North Platte at 855AM. Engines 3797 and MP3303 picked up 24 loads at Gothenburg and departed with 72 loads and 19 empties at 8,194 tons. It was now sailing along at Odessa (mp198).

Union Pacific train symbol LAXM at Grand Island, NE
Union Pacific train symbol ACRP at Grand Island, NE

LNB73 left Council Bluffs at 200AM with engines 93 and 2009 pulling 20 loads and 118 empties, 5,797 tons. After working many of the grain elevators, it tied up at Grand Island at 820AM. It would be called at 300PM to continue to North Platte with 62 loads and seven empties, 7,942 tons. These units came into Council Bluffs earlier on the XNPCB.

Union Pacific train symbol ELUP at Silver Creek
Union Pacific train symbol ELNPA at Silver Creek

APOA4X was racing out of Silver Creek (mp102) with engines CNW5063, CNW6914, 2440, and CR6402 pulling 125 loads at 6,745 tons.

APLA4 had engines CNW5086, CNW6895, CNW6571, and 3668 with 110 loads, 6,340 tons. It was changing crews at Fremont (mp39) and would leave in ten minutes.

CSLAZ departed Chicago at 1205AM and was crossing the Missouri River. It would soon be changing crews at Fremont and would leave at 1243PM. It had 38 cars with 56 trailers, 12 of them UPS, totaling 2,412 tons.

NPCSZ left North Platte at 120AM with 60 loads, 4,094 tons and had engines 3357, CNW5089, and 2909. It waited 35 minutes for the LNC74 to make its set out and pick up before it could get into Fremont. Once there, engine 3357 and 20 cars were split from the train and would continue to Council Bluffs. The rest of the train was turned over to the CNW and it departed for Chicago at 710AM.

LNC74 left North Platte at 440PM yesterday with 40 loads and 81 empties at 7,288 tons. It changed crews at Grand Island and departed at 205AM with 39 loads and 34 empties, 5,665 tons. At Central City, it set out nine empties and picked up two. It set out engine MP3154 at Columbus (mp85) and picked up four loads at Richland. It set out and picked up at Fremont and came into Council Bluffs at 815AM with engines 90, 4298, 4167, MP3117, MP2114, MP4530, and 2232.