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Southern Pacific train symbol UPSFT at Palisade Canyon

Southern Pacific train symbol UPSFT at Palisade Canyon

Westbound train symbol UPSFT with engines 8422 and 8828 rumbles out of Tunnel 1 and crosses the Humbolt River just west of Palisade, NV on June 3, 1978.

Southern Pacific caboose on train symbol UPSFT at Palisade Canyon

The Southern Pacific and Western Pacific shared trackage across Nevada making two single track lines into double track. The SP line was the westbound main and the WP line was the eastbound main. Just above the caboose and bridge you can see the fill work of the original right of way for the Central Pacific. The original route stayed on the other side of the river. In 1907 the SP built two bridges and put in a tunnel parallel to the WP tunnel to eliminate three tight curves.

Western Pacific train WPX approaching Palisade

Later that same day we caught Western Pacific train WPX on the WP line approaching Palisade. Train WPX was scheduled out of Winnemucca at 8:15AM and into UP's North Yard in Salt Lake City at 7:00PM. Disk 28

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