Santa Fe westbound freight trains Shattuck, OK

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Santa Fe westbound freight train near the Texas Oklahoma border

My brother and I were on another long train chasing trip. This trip followed the Santa Fe from Mojave, CA to Newton, KS then south to Cleburne, TX. Steve would then board the train and ride back to California while I would continue east to start shore duty at Dam Neck, VA. In the picture above, we were very near the Texas Oklahoma border on February 23, 1974. A few miles later we heard a squawk on the radio scanner and decided to head to downtown Shattuck, OK. The sun broke out of the clouds just as this westbound train came through. Steve took both of these pictures. February is not a good time to go train chasing across the central plains. The dark clouds continued to roll in and we soon found ourselves driving into a blizzard as we continued toward Newton, KS. As you go through this series, you will see pictures from earlier in the day and many pictures from other train chasing trips.

Santa Fe westbound freight train at Shattuck, OK