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Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad trains between Muskogee and Durant, OK Picture Gallery

MKT Railroad train symbol 106 at Kiowa, OK

I've made three trips following the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas (Katy) Railroad between Muskogee, OK and Durant. The first trip in 1977 was not very successful as I only got one picture. I had a lot better luck on later trips. The second trip was southbound solo in 1980 and the third trip was northbound with my wife in 1988.

The Katy was slow to add improvements like automatic block signals, however it adopted the telephone for dispatching trains more quickly than other railroads. At the end of 1914, it had just nine miles of automatic block signals on single track north of the Red River. At the end of 1916, the MKT had automatic block signals on 10 miles of single track and 19 miles of double track. At the beginning of 1919 while most railroads were in the middle of shifting dispatchers from transmitting train orders over telegraph to the telephone, it had 1,265 miles dispatched by telephone with just 320 miles still using the telegraph. In June 1920 the MKT ordered 110 US&S signals for its lines from Wybark, OK to McAlester and from Colbert, OK to the Red River. In 1922, it installed 86 US&S upper quadrant semaphore signals between Vinita, OK and Wybark 56 miles.

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Muskogee, OK