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St. Louis San Francisco (Frisco) trains in Oklahoma Picture Gallery

SLSF Railway trains meet at Verdigris, OK

This gallery has all of my St. Louis San Francisco (Frisco) train pictures. All were taken in Oklahoma.

In 1914, the SLSF had automatic block signals on 698 miles of single track and 34 miles of double track. Like most other railroads at the time of World War I, it was shifting from the telegraph to the telephone for train dispatching. At the beginning of 1919 the SLSF had 2,649 miles dispatched by telegraph and 2,125 miles by telephone. The SLSF began installing CTC in 1947 and had 667 miles of US&S CTC in operation by 1951: 386 miles of the 424 miles between St. Louis and Tulsa along with the Kansas City to Springfield line. By 1956, SLSF had 1,151 miles under CTC.

All pictures in this series are on disk 84. You can purchase a disk and printout any of the pictures for your own use to dress up your train room or add color to a house that just cries out for more train pictures.