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Southern Pacific Railroad trains on the Cascade Line in Oregon Picture Gallery

Southern Pacific Cascade Line Oregon

For this series we will follow Southern Pacific's Cascade Line in eastern Oregon form near Klamath Falls north and west to Albany. Oregon shipped out almost nine million tons of lumber and over two million tons of pulp and paper products via the railroads in 2005. This is way down from the peak years after World War II when most of the West was in a building boom. The SP hauled the vast majority of this lumber south to California and Arizona. While the GN and WP ran two or three trains south through Klamath Falls, the SP was running ten to twelve trains a day in the 60s. Unfortunately, business is much slower these days.

In 1925, SP installed 20 US&S semaphore signals between Folk and South Salem 12 miles. In 1926 SP continued work begun in 1925, installing 375 US&S type B semaphore signals for 192 miles from Klamath Falls to Springfield Junction. Construction of Lookout Point Reservoir in 1952 forced SP to relocate 25 miles of the Cascade Line south of the original alignment. New US&S searchlight signals were installed in 1952 from Jasper to Lookout. In 1953, SP installed CTC from Klamath Falls to Crescent Lake 100 miles. At the time the line had 6 passenger and 14 to 18 freight trains a day. SP ordered US&S CTC for Crescent Lake to Eugene, OR 95 miles in 1953. Installation began in October 1953 and was completed in 1954. The CTC machine controlled 45 switches and 200 signals.

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Klamath Falls
Modoc Point
Diamond Lake
BN at Bend
Salt Creek Bridge
Tunnel 22
Springfield Jct.
Coos Bay Line