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Southern Pacific Railroad trains on the
Siskiyou Line in Oregon Picture Gallery

Southern Pacific Railroad train on the Siskiyou Line in Oregon

For this series we will follow the Southern Pacific's Siskiyou Line from near Eugene, Oregon south to Gazelle, California. The line was built around 1887. This was the original SP line into Oregon, but it became a secondary line with the opening of the Natron Cutoff in 1926. With the SP concentrating most of its attention on the mainlines, the Siskiyou Line retained the semaphore signals and train order operations. The line was sold to the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad in late 1994. There were usually two and sometimes up to four trains a day. So catching a train was hit or miss. For the most part, railroad operations consisted of bringing empties in to a variety of lumber mills, hauling woodchips north to paper mills at Toledo and Halsey, OR and moving finished lumber (plywood and boards) out.

SP began installing semaphore signals between Ashland and Eugene in 1912. In 1923 it added 77 US&S semaphore signals between Grants Pass, OR and Woodburn 51 miles and 24 signals between Snowden, CA and Hornbrook 14 miles. In 1925, SP installed 24 US&S semaphore signals between Wilbur and Yoncalla 15 miles. SP sold the line to the Central Oregon and Pacific on December 31, 1994. The ancient semaphore signals removed between 1998 and 2007.

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Semaphore Signals
Rice Hill
Hornbrook, CA