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Missouri Pacific GE C36-7 locomotives at Telocaset

Missouri Pacific General Electric C36-7 locomotives pull train BANPZ into Telocaset, OR Missouri Pacific General locomotives pull train BANPZ into Telocaset

Engines 9014, 9003, and 9009 pull train BANPZ into Telocaset on September 12, 1987. These GE C36-7 locomotives (9000-9059) were originally purchased by the Missouri Pacific from September through November 1985. They were somewhat unique in that they were delivered in UP paint but with Missouri Pacific lettering. They were relettered to Union Pacific between June 1988 and March 1989.

The BANPZ symbol began as the ASPX (Advanced Seattle, Portland Manifest) in the early 70s terminating at North Platte and on November 26, 1984 became the PDWCA (Portland, West Chicago Autos) running through to West Chicago. It became the PDWCZ September 23, 1986 and became the BANPZ on July 24, 1987. Disk 16

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