Union Pacific train HKYR at Oxman

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Union Pacific freight train symbol HKYR at Oxman

On the second day of the Union Pacific Trains in Eastern Oregon video, we chased this Hinkle to Yermo, CA (symbol HKYR) manifest from LaGrande to Durkee. This freight had 75 loads, 16 empties at 9,403 tons. It had engines 9327 (C40-8) and 6357 (SD60M) on the point with DPU engines 9359 (C40-8W) and 6265 (SD60M) on the rear. Along the way, it met the OGRBA (Green River to Portland Potash) at Union Junction, the NPSEV (North Platte to Seattle Autos) at North Powder, the CSPDZ (Canal Street Chicago to Portland Intermodal) at Encina, and the PCHKB (Second Pocatello to Hinkle manifest) at Oxman. The train is shown dropping downgrade between Pleasant Valley and Oxman.
The OGRBA had 100 loads at 13,056 tons.
The NPSEV had 45 loads, five empties at 3,518 tons.
The CSPDZ had 30 loads at 3,268 tons.
The PCHKB had 22 loads, 15 empties at 3,332 tons.
This was the day before Memorial Day and the trains that were operating had less than average tonnage. The next day, most of the railroad would be shut down except for the hot piggyback trains.

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