Union Pacific train GRBA at Oxman

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UP potash train symbol GRBA at Oxman

The GRBA (Green River to Portland Potash) struggles up the 2.2% grade at Oxman. It had 100 loads at 12,969 tons. It had engines 9348 and 9349 (both C40-8s) on the point, DPU swing helper 9365 (C40-8W), 9246 (C40-8), and 9509 (C41-8W), with DPU engines 9391 (C40-8W) and 9335 (C40-8) on the rear. The third unit in its midtrain DPU consist would soon die and the whole train would be stopped just east of Pleasant Valley. To get things moving again, the YRHK (Yermo to Hinkle manifest) coupled to the rear and pushed the potash train up to Encina. The YRHK had engines 9367 (C40-8W) and 5004 (SD50) pulling seven loads, 33 empties at 1,956 tons.

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