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This picture gallery follows the operation of two railroads in Pennsylvania as they fight to get up and over the Alleghany Mountains. The first is the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad from near Cumberland, Maryland up the grade to Sand Patch. The second is Conrail, former Pennsylvania Railroad, up and around the Horseshoe Curve to get to Gallitzin.

B&O helpers leaving Hyndman, PA

After getting off the submarine, I was assigned to the Guided Missile School at Dam Neck, five miles south of Virginia Beach, VA. I was part of the navigation system maintenance team that kept all of the equipment functional. It was pretty good duty working roughly a 40 hour work week plus security duty (overnight or all day on the weekends) once or twice a month.

Occasionally, I would get called at home in the middle of the night when a training lab was experiencing problems. Sometimes I could fix the problem in less than an hour. I would then camp out in the bunk room in the training building and hope that the system wouldn't give any other problems. If it did, I would be close by and someone in the lab would be sent up to the bunk room to ruin my sleep again. Sometimes I got a good nights sleep and the next day off from work. If the weather was nice, I'd go train chasing. Several times the calls came on Thursday night and I would get a three day weekend. The train chasing trips into Pennsylvania before leaving the Navy at the end of 1976 were the result of those odd times when I got one of those three day weekends with the promise of good weather.


Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Sand Patch Grade

B&O Timetable
Hyndman, PA
Falls Cut Tunnel
Sand Patch

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Pennsylvania Railroad (Conrail) Horseshoe Curve

Horseshoe Curve

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