The Perfect Train Picture Curve

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A perfect curve is where you can get some elevation above the train tracks. The track has a nice curve and the sun is at your back for good lighting. With the sun at this angle both sides of the train will be in sunshine as the train sweeps around the curve. The sun illuminates the side closest to you on the outside of the curve and further back, it illuminates the side on the inside of the curve. Here are some examples where sun, curve, train, and photographer all came together at the same time. Also included are a couple of shots where things didn't quite work out perfectly, but the pictures still turned out OK.

Southern Pacific freight train at Gibson, CA

All of the photographs in the gallery are linked together. So to view all of the coal train pictures in this set, start with the Horseshoe Curve and then click the right arrow at the bottom of each photo page.

Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania
Passenger Train at Old Fort, NC
Empty Coal near Dendron, NC
Passenger Train Dendron, NC
Coal Train Andrews Geyser
Santa Fe Westbound Darling, AZ
Santa Fe Eastbound Darling, AZ
Santa Fe at Cosnino, AZ
Santa Fe Crozier Canyon in Arizona
Flyover at Frost, CA
SP at the Mormon Rocks in Cajon Pass
UP at Sullivans Curve
UP at Dale Junction, WY
CNW Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Rio Grande Banning, UT
Rio Grande Tennessee Pass
Western Pacific Palisade Canyon
SP at Palisade, NV
Santa Fe Tehachapi Loop
SP at Gibson, CA
BN Bonners Ferry, ID
BN near Plains, MT
Southern Railway Lynchburg, VA

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