Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Pocatello, ID to Granger, WY

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From Pocatello (mp214) elevation 4,463 feet, the line makes a slow climb following the Portneuf River to Pebble (mp170), 5,271 feet. It then breaks out into the Gentile Valley. From Alexander (mp151), 5,733 feet, it follows the Bear River almost all the way to the top of the grade just west of Kemmerer, 6,913 feet. The line then slowly drops down to Granger (mp0) at 6,271 feet.

Union Pacific empty grain train symbol GQKACB at McCammon, ID
Union Pacific empty grain train symbol GQKACB at McCammon, ID

N280 had engines 3321, 2913 (dead), 3125, and 3064 (dead) stretching the slack on 64 loads and 22 empties, 8,274 tons. It was leaving Pocatello for Salt Lake City. It would leave the main line at McCammon and head for Ogden.

SCHK departed Salt Lake City at 325AM and picked up three loads and 17 empties, 929 tons, at Clearfield. It left Ogden with engines CR6363, 2875, and MP6046 pulling 12 loads and 49 empties at 2,745 tons. It was cruising down the slight down hill grade at Inkom (mp202). It would trade power at Pocatello and leave with engines 3748, 3018, 3379, and 2904 pulling 16 loads and 53 empties, 3,355 tons.

Union Pacific train symbol PDNPP Blaser
Union Pacific train symbol PDNPP at Blaser

SENP2 departed Seattle with engines 3231, 3260, and 2028 at 120PM on the 4th. It traded power at Hinkle and left at 1100PM on the 5th and met NPSE at Kamela. It set out engine 3412 at LaGrande and engine 3238 at Pocatello. It was now was barreling toward Soda Springs (mp146) with engines 3390, 3230, and 3339 pulling 73 loads and 13 empties, 8,146 tons.

Union Pacific train symbol SEAP2 Bancroft
Union Pacific train symbol SEAP2 at Bancroft

NPSE left Granger at 210AM with 63 loads and 80 empties, 9,506 tons, pulled by engines 3485, 3452, and 3246. It was nearing Georgetown (mp128). Earlier, it met PCNP and PDNPZ at Kemmerer and the SECSZ at Cokeville (mp83). Coming into Dingle (mp108) it pulled two knuckles and got a draw bar. This couldn't have happened at a worse time since trains 2PDNPZ and PDNPZ3 were ahead of it and NPHK was behind it.

NPHK with engines 3673, 3275, and 3606 was in the siding at Harer (mp102) to let the CSSEZ pass. It departed North Platte yesterday at 755AM with 19 loads and 130 empties, 6,964 tons. It left Rawlins at 940PM and let the SLOAZ run around it at Riner. It left Granger at 330AM this morning and met PCNP and PDNPZ at Nutria (mp16). It set out a bad order car at Nugget (mp53), met SECSZ at Leefe (mp65), and met the 2PDNPZ and PDNPZ3 at Marse (mp89).

CSSEZ with engines MP9002 and MP9017 originated at North Platte with 20 loads at 1,496 tons. It picked up at Cheyenne and departed at 1115PM last night with 34 loads at 2,431 tons. It left Granger at 630AM met PDNPZ3 and 2PDNPZ at Cokeville and was approaching Harer.

2PDNPZ had engines 3401, 2458, and MP6028 pulling about 3,700 tons. It was passing through Orr (mp60) running on the heels of the PDNPZ3. It would leave Green River at 1255PM.

PDNPZ3 originated at Hinkle with engines 3672, 3134, and 3207. At Pocatello, it added eight loads and engine 2490. It left at 425AM with 54 loads and one empty at 5,098 tons and was loping along near Nugget. It would leave Green River with 74 loads and one empty, 7,036 tons, at 1245PM.