Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Portland, OR to Hinkle

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From Portland the line follows the Columbia River east to Boardman (mp164) at 252 feet, then climbs slightly to Hinkle (mp185). West of The Dalles the country is damp and forested. From The Dalles east, the country is much drier and desert like.

KLSE2 arrived in Albina at 150PM yesterday and would be called around 800PM tonight to go to Seattle. It came into North Platte with engines CNW5078, CR6284, and CNW5060 and departed with engines 2504, 3100, 6023, 2448, and 3064. Engine 3064 died and was set out at Pocatello along with engine 2448. It left Hinkle at 730AM yesterday and met SECSZ and 2PDNPZ at Clarke (mp170) and Amtrak 26 at Bridal Veil (mp27).

CSSEZ originated at North Platte with 26 loads, 1,826 tons, and departed at 715PM on the 5th. It picked up 26 loads at Cheyenne and departed at 1040PM with 3,284 tons. It set out one load at Nampa and departed at 735PM. It departed LaGrande at 1245AM and met HKLA, SASHE, and SENP1 at Motanic. At Hinkle, it set out cars and engines 3762 and 3253. It left at 540AM with engines 3600, 2462, and 2053 pulling 39 loads at 2,579 tons. It met the PDNPZ and N210 at The Dalles (mp85) and PDHK at Mosier (mp72). It was now at Peninsula Jct. in Portland. It would leave Portland at 1100AM with 16 loads, 1,379 tons.

XAPSED departed Fremont at 215PM on the 5th with 125 loads, 5,225 tons, with engines CNW5097, CNW6824, and CNW6899. It left North Platte at 905PM with engines 6038, 3795, and 3742 dragging 95 loads at 4,370 tons. It traded power at Hinkle and departed at 630AM with engines 3365, 3330, and 3646. It met the SENP2 at Heppner Jct. (mp147), SECSZ at Arlington (mp139), and PDNPZ at Blalock (mp129). It was now charging out of The Dalles having just met the PDHK. It would set out 30 loads at Albina and leave with 65 loads, 2,581 tons.

PDHK met the GLNEKA at Cascade Locks (mp43), let SECSZ and PDNPZ run around it at Meno (mp58) and met the CSSEZ at Mosier. After setting out 20 empties and picking up 41 loads at The Dalles, engines 3447 and 3194 were stretching the slack on 101 loads and 38 empties, 10,658 tons. It would meet the CSPDZ at Blalock.

Union Pacific train symbol HKBA at Mosier
Union Pacific train symbol HKBA at Mosier

N210 with engines 3259, 3348, and 3511 set out one load and four empties and picked up 18 loads and three empties at The Dalles. It was now picking up ten empties at Arlington (mp139). It would leave with 36 loads and 56 empties, 5,054 tons, after meeting another GLNEKA.

SENP2 had just arrived in Hinkle. It had engines 3800 and 2534 pulling 61 loads and 111 empties, 10,428 tons. Earlier this morning, it picked up 15 loads and 31 empties at The Dalles and let the SECSZ run around it at Castle (mp157). It was called for 345PM.

Union Pacific train symbol N211 at Peninsula Jct
Union Pacific train symbol N211 at Peninsula Jct

N211 with 31 loads and 64 empties, 6,330 tons, was made up and waiting for power.

The Spokane Branch

The Spokane Branch traverses rolling hills of desert and wheat farms, then gets back into pine trees near Spokane. It extends from Hinkle to the Canadian Pacific connection at Eastport.

N220 arrived in Spokane with engines 2405 and 3785 pulling one load and 23 empties, 854 tons, at 830AM. Earlier this morning, it set out 18 loads and 20 empties, 2,902 tons, at Hooper Jct.

N219 was being assembled at Spokane. It would have engines 3785 and 2405 and was called for 200PM.

CPHK came into Hinkle at 800AM with engines 3535 and 2932 pulling 49 loads and 16 empties, 5,843 tons.

HKCP with 11 loads and 42 empties, 2,931 tons, was waiting for power and was called for 115PM.