Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Palestine, TX to Laredo
and Corpus Christi

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From Palestine, the line to Laredo heads southwest, crosses the Fort Worth to Houston line at Valley Jct. (mp93), crosses the MKT at Taylor (mp144) and comes into Sosan Yard in San Antonio (mp264). The line continues on to Laredo (mp412). The line to Corpus Christi (mp149), leaves from Sosan Yard (mp3) and crosses the Houston Brownsville line at Odem (mp132).

AIZ departed from Yard Center yesterday at 545AM with engines MP9031 and MP9058 dragging 61 loads and 56 empties totaling 6,827 tons. It left Texarkana at 441AM with 32 loads and 13 empties. It met FWIN at Jefferson, passed INHO at Woodlawn, met RSPZ at Marshall, passed NLLD at Keokuk (mp75) and was now dashing along near Marquez (mp55).

LDNL left Laredo yesterday at 135PM with engines 4147, MP3312, and MP6012 pulling three loads and 79 empties. It traded power and left San Antonio at 1215AM with engines MP9055 and MP9043 pulling 20 loads and eight empties. It picked up additional cars and engine 4668 at Dittlinger (mp231), met LGK69 at Bergstrom, met the HOSA and MKT train 183 at Sneed. It picked up additional cars at Round Rock and came into Taylor at 1100AM with 105 loads and nine empties. It was now charging into Gause (mp99).

2SAFW departed from San Antonio last night at 830PM with engines 4147 and MP3312 pulling two loads and 62 empties. These units came in on the LDNL. It met LGK55 at North Loop (mp252) and NLLD at Corbyn (mp235). It picked up at Dittlinger and Austin. It arrived in Taylor at 305AM with 13 loads and 68 empties and would be called later this afternoon.

FWSA left Fort Worth at 1215AM with engines MP3162, MP3527, and MP3274 pulling 67 loads and 44 empties. These units came into Fort Worth on yesterday's REEPA. It met BN5058 (MKT empty coal train) at Grandview, met SAFW at Winslow, met MKT train 184 at Little River, set out 10 cars and changed crews at Taylor. It was now drifting into Sneed (mp174).

HOSA left Houston at 555PM yesterday with engines 4225, MP3113, and MP3243 pulling 44 loads and 66 empties. It met SAHO at Thrall, changed crews and left Taylor with 30 loads and 103 empties. It was now nearing Bracken (mp241).

RSPZ departed Laredo at 1230AM with engines 2509 and 4244 pulling 74 loads and 35 empties. It went into emergency at Finley (mp371) when an air hose became disconnected between two cars. It met N149 at Gessner (mp279). It arrived in San Antonio at 815AM set out three loads and 26 empties and would leave at 1255PM.

N149 left San Antonio at 625AM with engines 4284, MP3119, 2933, and MP633 dragging 120 loads and six empties. It had just pulled into Laredo.

LDNL had engines MP2177, 3021, MP2290, and MP3026 with 23 loads and 60 empties. It would leave Laredo at 205PM.

N191 left San Antonio for Corpus Christi at 1010AM with engines MP2191 and MP2093 pulling 24 loads and 40 empties.

N190 left Corpus Christi at 1130AM with engines MP4823 and 3291 pulling 28 loads and 30 empties. It had just stopped at Odem to switch. It would leave for San Antonio at 145PM with 15 loads and 23 empties.