Friday August 7, 1987
on the Union Pacific

Rawlins, WY to North Platte

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Rawlins is both a Union Pacific crew change point and a refueling stop. At Laramie (mp566), elevation 7,151 feet, double track becomes triple track. Tracks one and two swing toward the east and join track three again at Hermosa (mp548), 7,899 feet. The three tracks become two again through the two tunnels and split into three tracks again at Dale Jct. (mp546). Tracks one and two, which peak at Sherman (mp540) at 8,013 feet, are used by eastbound trains and hot westbound piggyback trains. Track three, which is nine miles longer, swings quit a bit to the south. Union Pacific built this line in 1952 to lower the grade for westbound trains. It is used almost exclusively by westward trains and the grade never exceeds 0.82 percent. At Borie (mp519) on the north line, a track cuts south and joins the south line at West Speer. Track four begins here and continues all the way into Cheyenne. The line from Denver joins at Speer. Symbol train LADET uses the track between Borie and Speer (mp518) to access the line to Denver. From Cheyenne (mp509) at 6,060 feet, double track climbs some to Archer and then gently descends to Union Pacific's huge classification yard in North Platte (mp286) at 2,802 feet. At Julesburg, the old mainline to Denver joins the main line and at O'Fallons (mp299), the Powder River Basin coal line joins the main line.

Union Pacific train LCG04 at Greeley, CO
Union Pacific train LCG04 at Greeley, CO

Train OANPZ with engines 3638, 3297, and 2401 pulling about 3,200 tons, was making a hasty exit from Rawlins. It left Oakland at 1135PM on the 5th and left Oroville at 640AM yesterday morning. At Salt Lake City, it set out engine 3640, picked up seven loads and departed at 220AM.

LANP came into Salt Lake City yesterday with engines 3739, 2442, and CR6363, traded power, and departed with engines 3554, 3219, and 2897. It left Green River at 440AM this morning with 44 loads and 67 empties, 6,273 tons. It went into the siding at Bitter Creek (mp757) to let trains PDNPZ and SCNP run around it. It was now at Wolcott (mp662) setting out a car with a shifted load.

NPGRF left North Platte with engines 3609, 3127, and 2951 pulling two loads and 149 empties, 4,759 tons. It spent a half hour at Cheyenne adding water to engine 3127 and departed at 645AM. It was now sailing along at Bosler (mp585).

NPSE with engines 3682, 2436, and SP7826, departed North Platte at 215AM with 25 loads and 39 empties, 4,758 tons. It left Cheyenne with 26 loads and 44 empties, 5,101 tons. It used track #2 out of Hermosa and was now leaving Laramie.

SCNP left Salt Lake City with engines MP9021, 3715, 2947, and 2057. It set out engine 2057 at Clearfield. It was stuck at Granger for 30 minutes waiting for the SLOAZ on #2 track to run around train NPSE coming up the #1 track. It left Rawlins at 855AM and picked up 14 loads and two empties at Sinclair (mp676). It was now roaring out of Laramie on track #1 with 32 loads and 35 empties at 4,093 tons.

NPPC left North Platte at 1020PM with engines 3446, 3368, and MP6058 pulling 10 loads and 98 empties at 4,631 tons. It went into Cheyenne Yard at 410AM and was delayed two hours when the lead car on the pick up had a bad order drawbar. It departed Cheyenne with 14 loads and 109 empties, 5,554 tons. It had been stuck at Red Buttes behind train NPST for an hour. It was finally able to run around it and was now approaching Laramie.

NPST departed from North Platte last night at 935PM with engines 2531, 3629, 3900, and 3733 pulling 85 loads and 24 empties, 9,832 tons. It left Cheyenne with 98 loads and 24 empties, 11,372 tons. It had broken in two near Red Buttes (mp557) when the coupler pin lifted on the east end of the 25th car. It had its train back together and was conducting an air test between switches at Red Buttes.

NPHK left North Platte last night at 1105PM with engines 3462, 2894, and 2488 pulling 43 loads and 95 empties, 8,621 tons. It had been stuck behind the NPPC for a half hour and was now running around train NPST.

SENP2 originated at Hinkle and departed at 550AM on the 5th with engines 3321, 2913, and MP6032. It traded power at Pocatello for engines 3180, 3166, 2538, and 3388 and left at 255PM yesterday. It set out 30 loads at Rock Springs and let train LANPZ run around it at Bitter Creek. It left Rawlins at 720AM and was now approaching Hermosa (mp548) on track #1.

N130 with engines 3618, SP7416, 3604, 3351, 3385, and 3666, left Denver at 625AM with 87 loads and 44 empties, 8,555 tons. It picked up one load at Gilcrest (mp40), and set out five loads and four empties at LaSalle. It was now coming around the wye at Speer.

Union Pacific train LACSZ Borie, WY
Union Pacific train LACSZ Borie, WY

N131 had engines 3730, 3154, and 3376 pulling 66 loads and 33 empties, 7,992 tons. It was just ducking under the BN bridge at the west end of Cheyenne.

NPLA departed from North Platte at 525AM with engines 2527, 3363, and 3399 pulling 58 loads and 35 empties, 6,073 tons. It went into Cheyenne Yard at 1045AM and would leave at 110PM with 78 loads and 48 empties at 8,736 tons.

PDNPZ left Rawlins at 830AM with engines MP9004 and MP9006 pulling about 4,400 tons. It was easing to a stop for a crew change at Cheyenne.

Union Pacific train BANPZ Cheyenne, WY
Union Pacific train BANPZ Cheyenne, WY

LAAP3 had engines 3670, 3475, 3130, 2438, 3362, 2482, and 3410 pulling about 6,000 tons. It was stuck at Table Rock (mp747) for 25 minutes when the hot box detector saw warm journals on the south side of engine 2438 and the 22nd car. The crew found nothing wrong. It left Rawlins at 805AM and was now accelerating out of Cheyenne.

Union Pacific train NPGR Archer, WY
Union Pacific train NPGR Archer, WY

NPHK left North Platte at 830AM with engines 3710, 3590, and 2922 pulling 17 loads and 100 empties, 5,595 tons. It was now plodding along near Egbert (mp476).

XNPRS departed from North Platte at 605AM with engines 2457, 2953, 3104, and 2949 hauling 33 loads and 83 empties, 6,684 tons. Engine 2953 began acting up at Lodge Pole (mp390) and would not load. The train was now picking up 20 loads of wheat at Kimball (mp444), adding another 2,561 tons to the consist.

NPPC left North Platte at 645AM with engines 3690, 2917, and 2021 pulling 22 loads and 103 empties, 6,511 tons. Passing through Ogallala (mp335), the governor on 2021 shut down the engine. It was restarted and placed back on line at Julesburg. It was now passing train XNPRS at Kimball. It would come into Cheyenne at 130PM and leave with 23 loads and 105 empties at 6,698 tons.

Union Pacific train NPSEZ Brownson, NE
Union Pacific train NPSEZ Brownson, NE

LANPZ left Rawlins at 630AM with engines MP9022 and MP9010 pulling 33 loads, 2,155 tons. It was nearing Brownson (mp415).

Union Pacific train KLLB6 at Potter, NE
Union Pacific train KLLB6 at Potter, NE

KLLB4A left Fremont at 338AM and came into North Platte at 915AM with engines CNW5053, 3310, 3658, and CNW6841 hauling 155 loads, 5,512 tons. After exchanging engines and setting out 45 loads for train KLLB4P, it departed at 1015AM with engines 3445 3359, and 2472 pulling 110 loads, 4,340 tons. It was now at Sidney (mp407), ducking under the BN main line.

LACSZ left Green River at 340AM. It had been delayed about five minutes at Green River when the SCNP was setting out cars and fowling the main. It had just met train KLLB4A at Sidney. It would come into North Platte with engines 3720 and 3665, trade power, and leave with engines CNW5050 and CR6724 at 205PM.

KLLB4P had engines 3784 and 3634 pulling 45 loads, 1,125 tons. It was approaching Ogallala (mp334).

NPLAT had engines MP9013 and MP9005 pulling 32 loads, 2,097 tons. It was running around train NPSET at Sutherland (mp304). These units came into North Platte early this morning on the PDNPZ3.

Union Pacific train LAM at Hershey, NE
Union Pacific train LAM at Hershey, NE

NPSET left North Platte at 1140AM with engines MP9024 and MP9020 pulling 27 loads at 1,912 tons. It was now at Sutherland setting out a bad order car. Later unit MP9020 would have engine failure as the train passed Paxton (mp315). These units came into North Platte last night on the SECSZ.

2CRDJR with engines MP5048 and 6004 left Rodemacher at 1105PM on the 4th with 107 empties. It departed 18th Street Yard at 225PM, was stuck near Kenefick (mp84) for four hours because of a ballast train. It changed crews, and left Marysville at 1220AM. It met coal train 2CBTRR at Alexandria (mp202), met trains UMS and NPAS at Level (mp256), and finally arrived in North Platte at 800AM, where it set out five empties. It was now approaching O'Fallons, but would continue on to Egbert and come into South Morrill the back way due to maintenance work on the normal route.

OANP came into Green River with engines MP9009, MP9027, 3168 and 3723. After trading power, it departed at 540PM yesterday with engines 3541, 3308, 3299, and 3467 pulling 58 loads and four empties, 6,298 tons. It set out four loads at Rock Springs and tied up at North Platte at 650AM this morning.

DENP left Denver yesterday at 455PM with 13 loads and 15 empties, 1,601 tons, and engine 3116. At Rolla (mp11), it set out one load and picked up 46 empties and engines 3628 and 2441. Train N131 set these units out earlier. At Hazeltine, DENP met LADEZ which had been waiting 40 minutes for it to finish working at Rolla. It met train NPDEZ at Brighton and set out one load and eight empties at Platteville (mp35). At LaSalle (mp46), it set out five loads and picked up 25 loads and engines MP2020 and 222. At Cheyenne, it set out engines 3116 and 2441 and added 3683 and MP6041. It departed at 350AM with 34 loads and 31 empties, 5,117 tons, and arrived at North Platte at 955AM.

NPOAZ with 47 loads, 3,242 tons, was at North Platte having engines MP9003, 6039, and MP9028 added to the head end. It would leave at 120PM.

NPDET was waiting at North Platte for a connection from train KCNPZ. It would leave at 125PM with 39 loads and 11 empties, 3,680 tons, and have engines 3467, DRGW5511, 660, 134, MP2092, and 210.