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Train picture gallery for South Carolina

Although I made many trips between Wadley, GA and Virginia Beach, VA I never had the opportunity to take many pictures in South Carolina. I would usually go up US 1 to Augusta, then get on Interstate 20 and follow it to the junction with Interstate 95 near Florence, then go north to Rocky Mount, then boogie through the bushes on back roads to Virginia Beach. The trip usually took me 12 hours so there wasn't a lot of time to wait for trains. Although Interstate 20 is close to the Southern Railway between Augusta and Columbia, SC, there aren't a lot of trains on that line. I got most of my pictures on one day jaunts into South Carolina will working at the JAAAS Center in Waxhaw, NC in 1981. All of the pictures in this series are on disk 130.

Family Lines loaded coal train crossing Highway 41 north of Andrews, SC

Van Wyck

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