Santa Fe Railway Freight Train Symbol Consists in 1967 and 1968

ATSF Railway freight train symbol 968 at Hutt, CA

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During my younger days I was into model railroading. I wanted to run prototypical freight trains. I wanted my trains to look like real Santa Fe Railway freight trains with the proper mixture (ratio) of cars. So I developed a score sheet to record the various types of cars. After graduating from high school, I would then drive to a major yard and record the cars on each train as it entered or left the yard. It was easier scoring trains at Barstow as all trains had to slow to enter or leave the yard. At Winslow, I was at the fueling rack and once trains were cleared to leave, they picked up speed in a hurry. I had a hard time keeping track of the rear of some of the higher priority trains. After each trip I would modify the score card so I could make more detailed notes of the consist of each train. You will see more detail in the later reports.

In the picture above, I have returned to my first lookout for observing trains entering and leaving the yard at Barstow. I am just across the Mojave River at the east end of the siding at Hutt. The Boron Local is easing to a stop and will wait for a signal to cross the bridge and enter the yard. The train has engines 3405, 3452, and 3434. The date is February 11, 1974.

West Barstow January 28, 1967 and July 7, 1967

Barstow in December 1967

Needles, CA March 22, 1968 and Winslow March 23, 1968

Winslow March 24, 1968

Winslow March 25, 1968

West Barstow June 29, 1968

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