Southern Pacific Railroad freight cars 1965 brochure

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What is your shipping problem?

In 1965 the Southern Pacific Railroad was hauling everything from candy bars to concrete beams, artichokes to optical equipment. Every load has its own special problems, and SP's 80,000 car freight fleet has the special cars to move any shipment swiftly and safely. Why not let SP's traffic experts find the best way to handle your shipment? Just call your nearest SP representative. After all, your shipping problem is his business.

Southern Pacific Railroad boxcar

PROBLEM: large difficult to load shipments
SOLUTION: SP's double door boxcars

PFE mechanical refrigerator

PROBLEM: frozen foods for Eastern markets
SOLUTION: SP's (PFE) mechanical refrigerator cars

Southern Pacific Railroad auto rack

PROBLEM: new autos and trucks for Western markets
SOLUTION: SP's multi-level Auto-Pack cars

Southern Pacific Railroad covered hopper

PROBLEM: grains, chemicals, or other dry flowable freight
SOLUTION: SP's covered hoppers cars

Southern Pacific Railroad Hydra-Cushion flat car

PROBLEM: extra large precision machinery
SOLUTION: SP's Hydra-Cushion flat cars