Southern Pacific Railroad Piggyback 1964 brochure page 2

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forklift loading trailer

PIGGYBACK SAVINGS BEGIN at shipper's loading dock. Trailer is loaded only once. It remains intact until delivered to receiver. Intermediate reloading and handling are eliminated.

truck tractor moves trailer onto piggyback flat cars

EXPERIENCED CREWS move trailers onto flat cars. More than 1,500 specially designed flat cars and 3,500 trailers are now available for Piggyback service on SP and subsidiaries.

loading piggyback trailers at ramp

SIXTY STRATEGICALLY LOCATED RAMPS bring fast, direct SP Piggyback service to hundreds of surrounding communities throughout the territory SP serves. (I think this picture was taken in downtown smoggy Los Angeles. Are those really Chevy Corvairs? The car that Ralph Nader said was unsafe at any speed.)

straddle lift crane loading piggyback container

CONTAINERS ARE ALSO CARRIED by SP Piggyback service. Modern, mobile, straddle lift cranes load and unload containers from SP rail cars.