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Most of the following train symbols originated at Oakland (Bay Area), Bakersfield, or were run thru trains from the BN at Portland, OR. The notable exception was train symbol BSMFF, the Blue Streak Merchandise.

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BACIT began when the CZLAT was split into the BACIT, JRCIP, and PTOAT. BACIT operated daily generally via the Coast. It handled intermodal traffic for Los Angles, plus connecting trains LAHOF and LAMFF at Los Angles and trains LACHX and LBCXT at City of Industry.

BACIT Oakland 1201A  City of Industry 630P    93-94
BACIT Oakland 1000P  City of Industry 430P  1 95

BAHOF began as the BALAT operating Tuesday thru Friday via the Coast Div and handled TOFC for Los Angeles and TOFC and autos for Yuma and east. It was changed to the BAAVT in 1984 operating via Fresno and then became the OANOT in October 1985. In 1987, the OANOT operated daily handling TOFC for Fresno, El Paso, North Texas, Pine Bluff, Houston, and Avondale Yard. On April 1, 1988, it began operating over Altamont Pass on UP trackage rights and picked up loaded traffic at Tracy for Phoenix, El Paso, and beyond. It later became the BAHOT and then in August 1992 the BAHOF.

BALAT Oakland 200A  Los Angeles 300P    82
BAAVT Oakland 130A  New Orleans 600A  5 85
OANOT Oakland 500A  New Orleans 640A  5 87

BAMFY began May 14, 1983 operating through El Paso and was deleted in early 1984. It handled freight traffic for Fresno, Bakersfield, and would fill with traffic for El Paso, San Antonio, Pine Bluff, and Memphis.

BAMFY Oakland 200P  Memphis 120P  5 83

BCNOQ from Barbours Cut (south of Houston) began in May 1988 handling Sealand double stack containers to New Orleans terminating at the CSX Gentilly Yard. This train operated Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The train later became the BCNOT and then the BCHOT.

BCNOT Barbours Cut 500P  Gentilly 1030A  1 94
BCHOT Barbours Cut 500P  Houston 1105P    95

BKEUM began in November 1985.

Southern Pacific train symbol BKEUM at Modoc Point, OR
Southern Pacific train symbol BKEUM at Modoc Point, OR

BKRVV began as train BKRVP. In 1982, it handled perishables for connections at Ogden. It could fill with traffic for Roseville and TOFC for connections at Ogden. After May 20, 1983, the BKRVP operated as needed and became the BKRVV in October 1985.

BKRVP Bakersfield 900P  Roseville 700A  1 82

BIASM began operating November 9, 1989 from IHB Blue Island Yard in Riverdale, IL.

BNROM was a new symbol adopted in October 1989 for D&RGW train 187 which connected BN train 65 from Chicago with train OGOAT to Oakland.

BNRVM began as train 1-BNW (First BN West) and became the BNEUY in 1974. It handled freight traffic for Albany, Eugene, and beyond. The schedule was suspended in the early 1980's and restarted in October 1986.

1-BNW Portland 730A  Eugene 1030A    71-73
BNEUY Portland 900A  Eugene 130P    74
BNEUY Portland 700A  Eugene 1201P    79
BNEUM Portland 915P  Eugene 400A  1 87
BNEUM Portland 1230A  Eugene 600A    93
BNRVM Portland 800A  Roseville 910A  1 95

BNSXT began December 3, 1984 as the CHSXT handling Sea-Land containers. In December 1985 the trains were transferred to the Santa Fe and then came back to the Southern Pacific in July 1987. It originated in Chicago as BN train 59. In early 1988 the symbol changed to BNSXT.

CHSXT Kansas City 1201P  Valla 200P  85
CHSXT1 Kansas City Mon 400A  Long Beach Wed 400A  87
CHSXT2 Kansas City Tue 400A  Long Beach Thr 700A  87

BNSZT began in early 1898 as a run thru from Chicago via BN train 57 and D&RGW train 153. It handled Sea-Land containers and would fill with double stack traffic for Salt Lake City and Oakland. D&RGW train symbol 153 was changed to 141 in October 1989.

BNSZT Kansas City 1230P  Oakland 530A  3 89

Southern Pacific combined train symbol EUANP and BNWCP at Wocus, OR
Southern Pacific combined train symbol EUANP and BNWCP at Wocus, OR

BNWCP (Burlington Northern West Colton Paper) began as PTCIY and handled freight traffic from Seattle via the BN destined for West Colton, City of Industry, and other points in Southern California. It became PTCIM in October 1985 and became train BNWCP in the Fall of 1986. In the Fall of 1987, it became the EUWCP and then changed back to the BNWCP in June 1988.

PTCIY Portland 430P  City of Industry 1100P  2 77-79
PTCIY Portland 230P  City of Industry 1000P  2 80-81
SECIY Portland 815A  City of Industry 1000P  2 82-84
SECIY Portland 915P  City of Industry 900A  3 85
BNWCP Portland 1159P  West Colton 1030A  3 87

BOPBY began as train BOC (B&O - Cotton Belt Run Thru) and handled traffic for Pine Bluff and beyond.

BOC E St Louis 410P  Pine Bluff 200A  1 71-73
BOPBY E St Louis 1000P  Pine Bluff 1000A  1 74-77

BREUY began as train DGWBR (Drag West from Brooklyn) and became the BREUY in 1974. It was suspended and then reinstated on June 6, 1979. It handled freight traffic for Eugene and beyond until the end of 1983.

BREUY Portland 800A  Eugene 1230P  79-83

Southern Pacific train symbol BSMFF at El Monte, CA
Southern Pacific train symbol BSMFF at El Monte, CA

BSMFF began as the BSM (Blue Streak Merchandise) operating daily via San Antonio and became symbol BSMFF in 1974. In 1982, it handled TOFC, autos, and auto parts for Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The route was changed to operate via Kansas City on January 7, 1983. In 1985, the BSMFF handled TOFC for El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, and auto parts for Gemco. In 1994, the BSMFF handled double stacks and TOFC for City of Industry, Los Angeles, and set out Oakland traffic for train CIBAT at City of Industry.

BSM E St Louis 1000P  Los Angeles 1030P  2 71-73
BSMFF E St Louis 1000P  Los Angeles 1030P  2 74-77
BSMFF E St Louis 600P  Los Angeles 1230A  3 82
BSMFF E St Louis 600P  Los Angeles 700P  2 83
BSMFF E St Louis 700P  Gemco 700A  3 85
BSMFF E St Louis 700P  Gemco 555A  3 87
BSMFF E St Louis 700P  Los Angeles 430A  3 93
BSMFF E St Louis 700P  Los Angeles 530A  3 94-95

Southern Pacific train symbol BSMFF at Caldwell, TX
Southern Pacific train symbol BSMFF at Caldwell, TX

BTASQ handled traffic for connections at East St. Louis.

BTASQ Beaumont 700A  E. St. Louis 730P  1 93
BTASQ Beaumont 700A  E. St. Louis 800P  1 95

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