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Most of the following train symbols originated at Fresno, or Grand Junction, CO.

FLOAT began as the SCL-SP originating in Hamlet, NC and became the SCLAY in 1974. It handled TOFC for Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The SCLAY became the SCLAT in 1976 and became the FLOAT in 1979. It was deleted in early 1983.

SCL-SP Avondale Yard 1035P  Los Angeles 1159P  2 73
SCLAY Avondale Yard 500A  Los Angeles 1130P  2 74
SCLAT Avondale Yard 400A  Los Angeles 1130P  2 77
FLOAT Avondale Yard 1000A  Oakland 600A  3 82

FREST began in 1983 as the FRESF and was usually combined with the BAESF at Roseville. FREST was deleted in late 1984.

FRESF Fresno 200A  E St Louis 1145A  3 83

FRRVM began as the Fresno Block (see LAKCV for more details on perishable blocks) and became the FRRVP in 1974. In 1982, it handled traffic for Tracy, Stockton, Lodi, and for reclassification at Roseville. It became the FRRVM in 1985 and was deleted in late 1988.

F Fresno 700A  Roseville 1201P    71-73
FRRVP Fresno 700A  Roseville 1201P    74
FRRVP Fresno 200A  Roseville 700A    77
FRRVY Fresno 400P  Roseville 1240A  1 82-85

FRRVQ Sprint began January 13, 1989 and handled TOFC and perishable traffic for Portland, Salt Lake City, and east connecting with the OACHF and OAMFT.

FRRVQ Fresno 800P  Roseville 1230A  1 89

FRWCM began December 14, 1979 as the FRWCY and handled traffic for West Colton and beyond. It was deleted in late 1986.

FRWCY Fresno 200P  West Colton 730A  1 79-85

FRWCP began in 1984 and handled perishable on the head end and mixed traffic on the rear end.

FRWCP Fresno 1201A  West Colton 430P  85

FWHEM began as the FWENY originating at Broadway Yard just south of Tower 55.

FWHEM Fort Worth 1000P  Hearne 715A  1 95

FWPBY originated at the SSW Hodge Yard in North Fort Worth. It primarily handled traffic for reclassification at Pine Bluff and also picked up and set out at Carrollton, Plano, Addison, Greenville, Commerce, Mt. Pleasant, and Texarkana. The schedule was deleted May 20, 1983.

FWPBY Fort Worth 830P  Pine Bluff 1159P  1 78-82

GJASM was a new symbol along with D&RGW symbol 130 which began in October 1989.

GJKCM was a new symbol along with D&RGW symbol 128 which began in October 1989.

GJMFT was a new symbol along with D&RGW symbol 132 which began in October 1989.

GJPUM (D&RGW symbol 172) began in January 1990.

GJROM was a new symbol that came into use in October 1989 for D&RGW train 151. When this train made a side trip to pick up potash, it used symbol 153. It was combined with the DVGJM to form the DVROM in 1994.

GJROM Grand Junction 1100P  Salt Lake City 1045A  1 93

GJSLM was a new symbol adopted in October 1989 for D&RGW train 120 for SOO Line train 225 in Kansas City.

GMCHQ began as train GMKCQ (a road railer test train) and became the GMCHQ handling TOFC to Chicago via the BN. It only operated for a short period of time.

GMCHQ Gemco 800P  Kansas City 850A  2 87

GMCNA began in late 1988 operating from the GM plant at Van Nuys Tuesday thru Saturday. It handled empty auto parts and traffic for the C&NW, NS, and East St. Louis. It would pick up additional traffic at West Colton. At Herrington, it would set out the NS and East St. Louis traffic and pick up a CNW block set out by the ROSLM.

GMCNA Gemco 800P  Kansas City 400P  3 89

GPLAJ began July 22, 1985 handling empty auto racks from Galena Park to Los Angeles and only operated a few times during 1985.

GUWCM began as the SMV (Santa Maria Vegetable Block) and became the GUWCP in 1974. It picks up at Guadalupe from the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, Surf, and Oxnard and handled mostly perishables for connection with LAKCP. The schedule was deleted May 20, 1983 and revived in 1994 as the GUWCM.

SMV San Luis Obispo 830P  Los Angeles 430A  1 71-73
GUWCP San Luis Obispo 830P  West Colton 1100A  1 74-77
GULAP San Luis Obispo 800P  Los Angeles 800A  1 80-82
GUWCP San Luis Obispo 900P  West Colton 920A  1 95

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