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Most of the following train symbols originated at Memphis, Long Beach, or Medford, OR.

SP train symbol MBSMF at Corsicana, TX
SP train symbol MBSMF at Corsicana, TX

MBSMF began as the ICB (IC Cotton Belt Run Thru) and became the MFPBT in 1974. MFPBT handled TOFC and other traffic not received in run thru connections at Memphis. BSMFY handled manifest traffic from Memphis and from connecting trains at Pine Bluff for West Colton and Los Angeles. In 1982, MBSMF handled TOFC, autos, and manifest traffic for Los Angeles and the Bay Area and picked up at Pine Bluff, Corsicana, San Antonio, El Paso, and Tucson. It was changed on July 10, 1984 to handle premium traffic for Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area and have a minimum of 3.5 horsepower per ton. In 1994 on light days it could be consolidated with the MFLBT or the DALAF at San Antonio.

ICB Memphis 1000P  Pine Bluff 230A  1 71-73
MFPBT Memphis 1000P  Pine Bluff 230A  1 74-77
BSMFY Pine Bluff 600A  Los Angeles 300P  2 77
MBSMF Memphis 700P  Los Angeles 1000P  2 82-83
MBSMF Memphis 730P  Oakland 500P  3 85
MBSMF Memphis 730P  Los Angeles 1000P  2 87
MBSMF Memphis 750P  Los Angeles 200A  3 93
MBSMF Memphis 900P  Los Angeles 400A  3 94
MBSMF Memphis 900P  Los Angeles 700A  3 95

MEEUM from Medford, OR handled traffic on the Siskiyou Line and picked up traffic for reclassification at Eugene. The former symbol was MEEUY. In 1989, it normally operated on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. On other days train ROEUM may have operated from Roseburg to Eugene.

SP train symbol MEKFM at Texum, OR
SP train symbol MEKFM at Texum, OR

MEKFM from Medford, OR handled traffic for connection with train EUASM at Klamath Falls. It began in early 1989.

MEWCM began as the SLW (Siskiyou Line West) and became the SLWCY in 1974 operating via Roseville and the San Joaquin Div. From 1979 thru 1985, MERVY handled traffic for Redding, Roseville, and beyond. In 1982, MEWCY bypassed Roseville operating down the Coast Division with traffic for West Colton and beyond. Traffic for Roseville and east was set out at Redding. The MERVY became the MERVM and MEWCM in October 1985. When there is insufficient traffic to operate beyond Roseville, symbol MERVM was used. In 1987, it would set out Bay Area traffic at Redding and pick up traffic for Roseville and West Colton set out by the EUPXM.

SLW Eugene 1100P  Roseville 1030P  2 71
SLW Eugene 500P  Roseville 630A  2 73
SLWCY Ashland 500A  West Colton 930P  1 74
MERVY Medford 245A  Roseville 1230A  1 77
MEWCY Medford 1000A  West Colton 615A  2 82
MERVY Medford 1000A  Roseville 600A  1 79-85
MEWCM Medford 1201P  West Colton 1230P  2 87

MFDAF began as Sprint train MFDAQ in June 1986 and was combined with the ESDAQ at Pine Bluff. It handled Dallas TOFC. It later became the MFDAF with the routing changed to use the former MP main from Big Sandy. It operated Monday through Friday.

MFDAQ Memphis 730P  Pine Bluff 1159P    87
MFDAF Memphis 730P  Dallas 900A  1 93-95

MFEGT operated daily and handled double stacks for Mexico, plus Midlothian autos (set out at Corsicana), and TOFC for San Antonio.

MFEGT Memphis 730P  Eagle Pass 700A  2 94-95

MFLAT began as the 2MBSMF. It became the MFLAT on July 10, 1984 to handle TOFC and manifest traffic not handled on the MBSMF for Los Angeles and the Bay Area. It picked up additional traffic at Corsicana, San Antonio, and El Paso.

MFLAT Pine Bluff 500A  Los Angeles 310A  3 85-87

MFLXA handled Oakland, Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles TOFC, Long Beach autos, and Gemco auto parts.

MFLXA Memphis 730P  Long Beach 530A  3 87

SP train symbol MFLBT at Ordway, CA
SP train symbol MFLBT at Ordway, CA

MFLBT began March 26, 1989 as the MFMXT handling Mitsui OSK Line containers from Atlanta via CSX. It later became the MFLBT handling primarily APL containers.

MFMXT Memphis Tue 730P  Long Beach Fri 530A  89
MFLBT Memphis exMon 145P  Long Beach exThr 900A  93
MFLBT Memphis exSun 830P  Long Beach exWed 900A  94

MFOAT began as the MBAMF (Memphis Bay Area Merchandise Forwarder) in early 1983. MBAMF handled manifest and TOFC traffic for Corsicana, El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, and California. It became the MFBAT in February 1985, became the SOBAT in April and became the MFOAT in October 1985. In 1985, it handled traffic for Tyler, Corsicana, San Antonio, El Paso and TOFC for the Bay Area and Roseville. It picked up additional traffic at San Antonio and El Paso.

MBAMF Pine Bluff 400A  Oakland 1000P  2 83
MFBAT Pine Bluff 200A  Oakland 815P  3 85

MFPBM began as the MFPBY. In 1982, it handled traffic for reclassification at Pine Bluff. The MFPBY became the MFPBM in October 1985 and operated as needed on no set schedule.

MFPBY Memphis 1000A  Pine Bluff 800P  80-83

MFSXT handled Sea-Land containers.

MFSXT Memphis Sun 500P  Long Beach Wed 700A  87

MLLAA began in early 1983 and operated until July 1984 as a Milwaukee Road run thru from Chicago. It handled auto parts, auto racks, TOFC, and manifest traffic for El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern California.

MLLAA Kansas City 820A  Los Angeles 800A  3 83

MXEST began as the MXCRQ handled Mitsui OSK container for Conrail as required. In 1988 it became the MXEST and connected with Conrail train TV600.

MXCRQ Kansas City 1230P  E St Louis 1201A  1 87

MXICQ handled Mitsui OSK container for interchange with the ICG as required.

MXICQ Kansas City 1230P  E St Louis 1201A  1 87

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