Cotton Belt Freight Train Symbol History

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During 1974 many eastbound trains that terminated in Pine Bluff were changed to terminate at East St. Louis. These were BEASY, DAEST, HOASY, SRASK, WCASY, and WCESH. As a result the following Cotton Belt symbols have no equivalent under the new system.

WF-MBT (Wiggins Ferry Merchants Belt Terminal) handled traffic for St. Louis and beyond not handled on other run thru trains to East St. Louis.

WF-MBT Pine Bluff 1159P  E St Louis 730A  1 71-73

PC-1 (Penn Central Run Thru) handled traffic destined for Indianapolis and beyond.

PC-1 Pine Bluff 1000P  E St Louis 1159P  71-73

PC-2 (Penn Central Run Thru) handled traffic for destinations short of Indianapolis.

PC-2 Pine Bluff 1000A  E St Louis 1159P  71-73

HEIC (IC Head Ender) handled traffic for St. Louis with IC connection on the head end.

HEIC Pine Bluff 500P  E St Louis 500A  1 71-73

CBO (Cotton Belt B&O Run Thru) handled traffic for the B&O and N&W.

CBO Pine Bluff 200A  E St Louis 1201P  71-73

CBNW (Cotton Belt N&W Run Thru) handled traffic for Bellevue, Ohio and beyond.

CBNW Pine Bluff 900P  E St Louis 900A  1 71

The following is a history of the symbols from 1971, sometimes earlier, to 1987. Some information takes the history up to 1989.