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Most of the following train symbols originated at Tucson, AZ; Victoria, TX; or were received from the Union Pacific at Ogden, UT

TRRVM handled traffic from Salinas, Warm Springs, and Tracy for reclassification at Roseville.

TRWCM began April 1, 1988 and handled traffic for West Colton and beyond except loads for Phoenix, El Paso, and beyond.

TUDHY began May 25, 1983 and handled El Paso and Dalhart BN traffic, mostly empty grain.

TUDHY Tucson 900P  Dalhart 630A  2 83

TUEPM handled traffic for El Paso and beyond as needed.

SP train symbol TUKCM at Pastura, NM
SP train symbol TUKCM at Pastura, NM

TUKCM began May 25, 1983 as the TUKCY. It became the TUKCM in October 1985 and operated as needed. Also operating from Tucson in the early 1990s were trains TUASM and TUNSM.

TUKCY Tucson 1230A  Kansas City 840A  2 83

TUPXF began as the PXF (Phoenix Freight) and became the TUPXY in 1974. It handled traffic for Phoenix Area. The TUPXY became the TUPXM in October 1985.

PXF Tucson 730P  Phoenix 1130P    71-73
TUPXY Tucson 730P  Phoenix 1130P    74
TUPXY Tucson 900P  Phoenix 100A  1 80-85
TUPXM Tucson 900P  Phoenix 130A  1 87
TUPXF Tucson 1000P  Phoenix 200A  1 94-95

TUSAY began as train TLSSE (Texas & Louisiana Sunset East) and was suspended when the CLM was combined with the BAMSL. The TUSAY handled traffic for El Paso and reclassification at San Antonio. It was deleted May 20, 1983.

TLSSE Tucson 1000A  San Antonio 600P  1 70
TUSAY Tucson 900P  San Antonio 1000A  2 82

TUWCM began as train TUWCY. It handled traffic for Yuma and reclassification at West Colton and a block for the Imperial Valley on the head end. Train TUWCY became the TUWCM in October 1985 and operated as needed until May 1987.

TUWCY Tucson 700A  West Colton 1030P  81-85

TXESF began as the TXEST in 1984. It handled traffic for East St. Louis coming off the Santa Fe at Teneha. It became the TXESQ in October 1985. It later became the TXESF.

TXESQ Teneha 900P  E St Louis 700P  1 87
TXESF Teneha 1030P  E St Louis 800P  1 93

TXHOQ began in late 1987 as a unit tank train from Texas Eastman at Longview via AT&SF to Teneha. It operated daily except Saturday.

UPSFF began as the FMS (Forwarder Merchandise Special), a BN and UP run thru train from Chicago. In 1982, it connected with UP train BAV (Bay Area Van) from North Platte and handled TOFC, autos, and manifest traffic for Sparks, Roseville, and Oakland. It ran until Aug 1984.

FMS Ogden 1230A  San Francisco 1159P    71-73
UPSFF Ogden 1230A  Oakland 915P    74
UPSFF Ogden 200P  Oakland 930A  1 77
UPSFF Ogden 600P  Oakland 130P  1 81
UPSFF Ogden 1100P  Oakland 300A  2 82-83

SP train symbol UPSFT at Palisade, NV
SP train symbol UPSFT at Palisade, NV

UPSFT from Chicago on C&NW train 243 and UP train BASV (Bay Area Super Van) handled TOFC for Sparks, Roseville, and the Bay Area. It began in 1975 and ran until 1982.

UPSFT Ogden 530A  Oakland 100A M 1 81

UPWSA from Chicago on C&NW train 241 and UP train ARRO (Auto Railroad Overland) handled General Motors auto parts and could fill with manifest traffic for the Bay Area. It ran until 1982.

UPWSA Ogden 200A  Warm Springs 230A  1 80-81

VACHT operated from late 1984 to mid 1985 and handled Sealand containers.

VACHT Valla 1100P  Kansas City 345A  3 85

VICCM handled traffic for South Texas and Corpus Christi.

VICCY Victoria 1000A  Corpus Christi 410P  84
VICCM Victoria 300P  Sinton 730P  95

VIHEM began as train VIPBY and handled freight traffic from the Rio Grande Valley for Giddings, Hearne, North Texas, and Cotton Belt Route. It became the VIPBM in 1985 and operated as needed. It became the BVHEM in late 1986 and connectd with the HEPBM and HEDAM at Hearne. It later became the VIHEM and handled traffic from trains CCVIM and HGVIM.

VIPBY Victoria 300P  Pine Bluff 600A  2 82
VIHEM Victoria 530P  Hearne 400A  1 93-95

VIHGM handled traffic for the lower Rio Grande Vally and interchange with the Texas Mexican at Alice.

VIHGM Victoria 600A  Harlingen 400P  1 93-95

VIHOM began as the VIHOY handling traffic from South Central Texas and became the VIHOM in October 1985.

VIHOY Victoria 1100A  Houston 900P    84
VIHOM Victoria 730P  Houston 530A  1 93

VISAQ began in February 1988.

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