Gallery of Railroad Semaphore Signal Pictures with Trains

picture of Southern Pacific semaphore signal and train

While I was in high school, I used to visit the Lancaster, CA depot every Saturday. At the time, this SP depot had a semaphore train order signal similar to the one above at Langtry, TX. The operator let me lower the signal when there were no train orders for the next train and then raise the signal back to stop position after the train passed. This was my first experience with a semaphore signal.

Later when I was in the Navy, I traveled across the country and discovered many more semaphore signals along the Southern Pacific and several other railroads. This collection in this gallery is just a small portion of many of the signals I photographed during the 70s and early 80s. Some of these were train order signals, but many were automatic block signals. See Semaphores for a whole website dedicated to these signals.

Chessie System Semaphore Signals

Camak, GA
Handley, WV
Hamler, Ohio

Southern Railway Semaphore Signals

Old Fort, NC

Toledo, Peoria, & Western

Kentland, IN

Chicago Northwestern

Modale, Iowa

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific

North Zulch

Milwaukee Road

Black River interlocking

Missouri, Kansas & Texas

Granger, TX

Santa Fe Semaphore Signals

Lee, TX
Coleman, TX
Manhattan, TX
McGregor, TX
Blanchard, NM
Alameda, NM

Southern Pacific Semaphore Signals

MP at Belt Junction
Rice, TX with BN
Rice, TX
BSM at Caldwell, TX
Winchester, TX
Langtry, TX
Beeville, TX
Vail, AZ
Pantano, AZ
KCCIA at Duran, NM
Duran, NM in 1974
Gallinas Turn at Duran, NM
Coyote, NM
Deeth, NV
Yoncalla, OR
Ashland, OR

BN former Burlington Lines

Lodge Grass, MT

BN former Great Northern Semaphore Signals

Belton, MT
Paola, MT
Skykomish, WA
Harrington, WA

BN former Northern Pacific Semaphore Signals

Cabin Creek, WA
Connell, WA
Thompson Falls, MT