Gallery of Railroad Tunnel Pictures
from around the country

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Train approaching railroad tunnel

This gallery of railroad tunnel pictures is divided into three sections. The first section covers a couple photos on B&O's Sandpatch grade and then some from the Rio Grande and the Western Pacific. The Santa Fe pictures are all from the Tehachapi Mountains. The Southern Pacific photos are from California, Nevada, and Oregon.

B&O at Sandpatch
Falls Creek Tunnel
Amtrak at tunnel No. 26
UP at Hermosa, WY
D&RGW at the Kyune Tunnels
D&RGW at the Moffat Tunnel
Western Pacific train WPX
Western Pacific train 170

Santa Fe

Santa Fe train 199 at tunnel No. 1
Train 991 at tunnel No. 2
Train 975 at tunnel No. 8
Train 901 at tunnel No. 9

Southern Pacific

SP Extra 9235 East near Applegate, CA
SD-9s near Applegate, CA
Train OGEUY at Palisade, NV
Extra 8918 at tunnel No. 3
Train BRLAT at tunnel No. 4
Train BRLAT at tunnel No. 5
The Mojave Flyer at tunnel No. 7
SP train CZLAT at Oakridge, OR