Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway

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Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway train at Effner

Effner used to be the interchange point between the Toledo Peoria & Western and the Pennsylvania Railroad. The TP&W acquired the track from Effner to Logansport in 1976 during the reorganization of the Penn Central into Conrail. Extra 2009 West picks up orders at Effner on September 3, 1982. The station is right on the state line. You can see the Welcome to Indiana sign on US 24 just to the left of the lead engine.

Toledo Peoria & Western train at Effner

While waiting for this train to arrive, I was talking with a man that I thought was the station agent at Effner. Turns out he is Bob McMillan, the president of the railroad. Nice guy, I gave him my address at Taylor University and he sent me a timetable. Disk 112