TPW Railway trains at Illinois Central crossing Gilman, IL

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TPW Railway westbound train crossing Illinois Central at Gilman, IL

Extra 2009 West crosses the second busiest junction on the TP&W's East End. This is Gilman, IL on September 3, 1982. The Illinois Central line hosted more passenger trains in 1952 than the Chicago & Eastern Illinois, but had fewer freight trains. The line to St. Louis splits from the main line between Chicago and Cairo, IL just south of the TP&W crossing at Gilman. The Illinois Central hosted four passenger trains between Chicago and New Orleans: Southern Express (southbound), Northern Express (northbound), The Panama Limited, The City of New Orleans, and The Louisiana; two passenger trains between Chicago and Birmingham, LA: The City of Miami and The Seminole; and three trains between Chicago and St. Louis: The Daylight, The Green Diamond, and The Night Diamond.

TPW Railway eastbound train crossing Illinois Central at Gilman, IL

Engines 2008 and 801 are pulling an eastbound train over the Illinois Central crossing on August 12, 1982. The Illinois Central installed 88 miles of automatic block signals between Gilman, IL and Matoon in 1915. In 1919, the IC installed upper quadrant automatic block signals from Gilman to Gibson City (29 miles). By the end of 1919, the IC had 843 miles of single track and 731 miles of double track equipped with automatic block signals. The busiest part of the IC in 1922 was between Otto and Gilman, IL with 50 to 60 trains a day. Except for signals at junctions with other railroads the TPW never installed signals along its main line.

In 1947 the Illinois Central installed a GRS interlocking panel in the depot at Gilman and retired the interlocking tower on the southwest corner of the crossing. In 1950, it ordered US&S CTC for Otto to Gilmer 21 miles. The project was completed in 1951 with the CTC machine installed at Gilmer. At the time, the line handled 20 passenger and 65 to 80 freight trains a day. Control was transferred to IC dispatcher in 1991 when the railroad was ripping out much of its double track. Disks 113