Southern Pacific train symbol ABSM at Langtry, TX depot

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Langtry was established in 1881 when the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railway was building through to the west. Judge Roy Bean "The Only Law West of the Pecos" insisted the town be named for his idol, English actress Lillie Langtry. The town is about 2,000 feet from the Rio Grande and the border with Mexico. The station you see in these pictures is almost a mile northwest of the original town. The line has had multiple upgrades with deeper cuts and taller fills to reduce grades and curvature. The elevation here is about 1,400 feet.

Southern Pacific train symbol ABSM at Langtry, TX depot

The engineer snags his set of trainorders on the back side of the station as Extra 8622 West train symbol ABSM goes into the siding at Langtry to meet several eastbound trains on January 31, 1974. At that time the line was dispatched by train orders. CTC came just one year later. The station sits between the mainline and the siding. The operator is leaning against the back of the station giving the train a roll-by.

Southern Pacific train symbol APECI at Langtry, TX depot

The fist eastbound is First 242 (train symbol APECI) led by engine 9140. About a half hour later it met Second 242 (train symbol MSE - Merchandise Special) led by engine 9303. Disk 101

Southern Pacific train symbol MSE at Langtry, TX depot