Southern Pacific Railroad Englewood Yard in Houston

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Southern Pacific Railroad Englewood Yard in Houston

SP engine 5001 along with Rock Island engines 250 and 353 bring a train into Englewood Yard in Houston on September 16, 1973.

Southern Pacific hump power Englewood Yard in Houston

Working the hump are Alco C628s 3113, 3110, and 3111. Their job is to take recently arrived trains and shove the cars slowly over the hump. At the top of the hill the cars are separated and roll down hill into one of 64 classification tracks at Englewood Yard.

Southern Pacific trim power Englewood Yard in Houston

On the hump are old time friends from the Tehachapi Freight Pool. Engines 2961, 2950, and 2954 had been demoted from road service to yard service. They began life in 1952 as RSD5s and were converted to RSD12s in December 1960. Alco replaced the 244 engines (1,500hp) with 251 engines (1,800hp). These three were in a group of 20 engines the went through the conversion process. The twenty RSD12s worked the Tehachapi Freight Pool for about five years until replaced by SD35s. The engines are working as trim engines in the hump yard. As classification tracks fill up or blocks are needed to build scheduled trains, the trim engines move these blocks of cars out of the hump yard to either temporary storage tracks or departure tracks where trains are built with the blocks in the proper order according to the transportation service plan. Disk 101