CRI&P trains 21 and 26 meet at Hicks, TX

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CRI&P trains meet at Hicks, TX

Train 26 (Extra 4542 North) was trying to meet train 21 (Extra 228 South) at Hicks on April 14, 1979. Both trains are longer than the 5,301 foot siding. It was finally decided that Extra 4542 North would give Extra 228 South 15 cars so train 26 would fit in the siding.

Union Pacific train at Hicks, Texas

Eight years later the former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific mainline has been folded into the Union Pacific when it absorbed the Missouri, Kansas and Texas. The MKT operated the line under the Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Railroad Company after the Rock failed in 1980. Engines 2123 and 2116 sit in the siding on March 11, 1989. Just beyond the engines are the hangars at Hicks Field. This airfield was selected by the Canadian Royal Flying Corps for flight training in 1916 and originally named Taliaferro Field. After WWI the airfield was not used much until 1940 when the Army Air Corps began training pilots. This training was shifted to Carswell in 1943.

Union Pacific train at Hicks, TX

In the distance you can see the old Highway 287 bridge. Disk 87