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Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad train picture gallery

The Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad built south across the Red River into Texas and established a large yard at Denison. The railroad connected with the Texas & Pacific at Whitesboro and gained access to Fort Worth. For many years the Katy and Missouri Pacific shared this trackage between Durant, OK and Fort Worth.

In 1914, the MKT had 59 miles of automatic block signals on single track and nine miles of automatic block signals on double track in Texas. By the beginning of 1917, the number of miles of single track protected by automatic block signals had expanded to 92 miles and it added 26 miles of block signals in 1918. Like most other railroads, the Katy shifted from dispatching trains with telegraph to the telephone during World War I. At the beginning of 1919 the MKT in Texas had 780 miles dispatched with telegraph and 845 miles with telephone.

The T&P added 102 GRS color light signals from Fort Worth to Whitesboro, TX 72 miles around 1930.

Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad trains 104 and 103 at Roanoke, Texas

Joe Siding
Ray Yard
Pilot Point

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