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Picture gallery of MKT and MP freight trains from Fort Worth south to Brownsville, TX

The MKT built south from Fort Worth to Taylor between 1881 and 1882. The I&GN line between Fort Worth and Waco was built in 1901. It bridged over the Santa Fe near Venus, and crossed the MKT's line to Dallas at Italy. In 1911 MKT installed telephone dispatching equipment on both lines (one via Fort Worth, the other via Dallas) between Denison, TX and Hillsboro. The dispatchers were in Denison. The MKT began installing block signals between Hillsboro and Granger in 1913. It completed the installation of signals from Fort Worth to Hillsboro in 1928. It completed the installation of signals from Temple to Granger in 1931.

The International & Great Northern Railway Company or I&GN in 1929, I&GN installed 146 GRS color light signals between Palestine, TX and Longview 81 miles, 30 from Spring to Houston, TX 19 miles, and 68 signals from San Marcos to Camp Mabry, TX 35 miles. At the time, the line between Palestine and Longview had 8 to 10 passenger and up to 20 freight trains a day during harvest.

As of July 1, 1946 I&GN had no signals in the following areas where passenger trains exceeded 60mph and freight trains exceeded 50mph:
Fort Worth to Mart 114 miles 17 trains/day
Mart to Valley Jct 58 miles 16 trains/day
Taylor to Valley Jct 51 miles 15 trains/day
Valley Jct to Palestine 94 miles 13 trains/day
Mumford to Spring 92 miles 14 trains/day.
The I&GN installed 187 GRS signals between Palestine and Taylor, TX 143 miles in 1947. In 1948, it installed GRS interlocking to control eight signals at Valley Junction. In 1951, it installed a GRS automatic interlocking that controlled five signals at Rockdale. In 1952, it installed GRS interlocking at Palestine. The 15 levers would control 11 switches and 27 signals.

In 1953, MKT installed US&S signals for Sealy, TX to Eureka (Houston) 43 miles. This completed the installation of signals from Kansas City to San Antonio and Houston, over 1,138 miles. The MKT installed 430 miles of signals since 1946. Traffic at the time was two passenger and four scheduled freights per day for Houston, six passenger and two scheduled freights per day for San Antonio, and six passenger, two scheduled freights, and two locals per day through Dallas. Included in this set of slides is the largest collection of train pictures at Egan, TX.

Financially the I&GN was folded into a Gulf Coast Line subsidiary in 1924 and GCL was purchased by MP in 1925. The MP was able to abandon the line built by the I&GN from Everman to Waco by obtaining trackage rights over the MKT between Fort Worth and Waco in the early 60s.

MKT train 104 at Itasca, TX

Ney Yard
Valley Junction

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