MKT engine 53 passes the South Tower in Dallas

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MKT engine 53 passes the South Tower in Dallas

The tower at the south end of Dallas Union Station is appropriately named South Tower. On October 1, 1916 the Dallas Union Station towers were completed with US&S interlocking controls. South Tower had 56 levers for 43 switches and North Tower had 86 levers for 81 switches. Having completed it switching assignments in the Joint Yard down by Tower 19, MKT engine 53 passes the tower on its way back to the MKT Dallas Yard.

Amtrak Eagle passes the South Tower in Dallas

Amtrak Number 21 (Eagle) eases by South Tower on its way into Dallas Union Station on April 4, 1987. The train has engines 373 and 380. That is the Jefferson Blvd. viaduct just behind the tower. I am standing under the Houston St. viaduct taking advantage of the shade.

Amtrak Eagle passes the Reunion Tower in Dallas

The odd looking thing to the left is Reunion Tower. It was completed in 1987 and is 250 feet tall. It is part of the Hyatt Regency hotel. At the top is a rotating restaurant and an observation deck. The restaurant takes about 55 minutes to make a complete revolution. Disk 94