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Dallas, Texas

This gallery of train pictures is a continuation of the previous gallery following the former Texas and Pacific (now Union Pacific) from near Marshall west to southern Dallas. All of the pictures in this gallery were taken in 1987 and are on disks 94 and 95.

In 1911 Dallas adopted the Kessler Plan which moved all railroads out of the central district and onto a belt line around the city and built Union Station. The two railroads effected the most were the Texas & Pacific (later absorbed by the Missouri Pacific) and the Houston & Texas Central (later absorbed by the Southern Pacific). Westbound T&P trains swing southwest at T&P Junction (on the east side of Dallas, later named MP Junction) to Belt Junction, then swing northwest though the joint yard to Union Station. Passenger trains on the H&TC coming up from Miller Yard in south Dallas head northwest at Belt Junction to Union Station which opened in 1916. H&TC freight trains head northeast at Belt Junction. They rejoin the original mainline at Gifford in north Dallas.

Tower 19
Joint Yard
Santa Fe yard
South Tower
Dallas Union Station
MKT Dallas Yard

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