Texas Gallery of Santa Fe Railway train pictures pulled by F7 and CF7 locomotives

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Santa Fe CF7 2428 on freight train 885 at Milano, Texas

In 1969, the Southern Pacific was buying SW15s from EMD at about $150,000 each and that included a trade-in. The Santa Fe figured they could do more with less and in late 1969 the railway started a project at the Cleburne shops to convert tired F7 locomotive cab units to a more productive GP7 configuration. The first unit converted was F7 262C. It was the only CF7 to get dynamic brakes. The total cost for the conversion was about $60,000. As production got into full swing this cost came down to around $40,000 per unit.

The following pictures were taken during the 70s at various locations in Texas. This is where the newly released CF7s did their initial testing before roaming the rest of the Santa Fe system. This collection also includes some pictures of F7s during their last days in operation.

F7 326 at Canadian
F7 326 at Miami
CF7 2561 at Zephyr
CF7 2577 at Nolanville
CF7 2631 at Morgan
F7 262 at Meridian
CF7 2420 at Manhattan
CF7 2553 at Manhattan
CF7 2420 at Crawford
F7 262 at McGregor
CF7 2586 at Moody
F7 254C at Moody
F7 275 at Rodgers
CF7 2428 at Milano
CF7 2588 at Caldwell
CF7 2439 at Wharton
Rescar CF7s at Saginaw

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