ATSF train symbol 571 at Gainesville, TX

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ATSF locomotives for train symbol 571 rest at Gainesville, TX ATSF SD45 locomotive 5324 at Gainesville

Engines 5324, 5115, 5380, and 5343 wait in Gainesville, TX for a new crew to take train 571 toward Kansas City. Engine 5324 is one of the older SD45s. Note the placement of the airbrake cylinders on the trucks.

ATSF locomotives 5324, 5115, 5380, and 5343 at Gainesville ATSF caboose on train symbol 571 at Gainesville, TX

Caboose 999813 sits at the tail end of train 571 while the power rests several tracks over. The date is October 29, 1986. Disk 85

The ATSF installation of US&S CTC from Wynnewood thru Gainesville to Dalton Jct, TX 101 miles with 27 swiches and 127 signals was completed in 1955. The Santa Fe also opened its new line between Dalton Jct and Zacha Jct. (northeast Dallas) 49 miles in December 1955.