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Picture gallery of ATSF, MKT, and KCS trains east of Dallas, Texas

The Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe began a major build out in 1886. By the end of 1887 the railroad had pushed north from Fort Worth to reach the Santa Fe at Purcell Oklahoma, northeast from Cleburne through Dallas to reach the SLSF at Paris, and from Cleburne northwest to Weatherford. The Santa Fe built a new branch line in 1955 from near Sanger to Zacha Junction for a better connection with its Dallas to Paris line for Chicago traffic. Zacha Junction was Santa Fe's TOFC terminal for Dallas until the new Alliance Terminal was completed in 1994. In 1995, the KCS purchased the Santa Fe line to Dallas and the branch to Sanger (now Metro Junction) with trackage rights into the new Alliance Yard. Included in the purchase was the Zacha Intermodal Terminal.

The MKT built southeast from Denison to Greenville in 1880, then southwest to Dallas in 1886. MKT installed 120 US&S H5 searchlight signals from Denison, through Greenville, to Dallas 105 miles in 1948.

The East Line and Red River Railroad began construction at Jefferson (north of Marshall) in 1876 building west toward Sherman. The railroad reached Daingerfield on July 4, 1877, Leesburg in 1878, Sulphur Springs in 1879 and Greenville in 1880. the line was extended to McKinney in 1882. The railroad was converted from narrow gauge to standard gauge in 1892. The line was acquired by the Sherman, Shreveport and Southern Railway in 1893. The line was extended from Jefferson to Waskom in 1900 and used trackage rights to reach Shreveport. The company was sold to the Katy in 1901. Under bankruptcy MKT sold the line between McKinney and Waskom in 1923 to the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway. In 1939 the KCS acquired the L&A.

On July 1, 1932 the L&A obtained trackage rights over the MKT from Greenville into Dallas. On September 17, 1937, the L&A discontinued operations over the MKT when a connection was built at Farmersville and the railroad obtained trackage rights over the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe into Dallas. In 1992, the KCS began negotiations for the purchase of this ATSF segment into Dallas. The purchase was completed in 1995.

Picture from the gallery of KCS train 53 passing the Tidewater Turn at Como, Texas

Zacha Junction
Royce City
Tidewater Turn

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