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Santa Fe train picture gallery on the

Panhandle, Hereford, Slaton, and

Lampasas Subdivisions

This train picture gallery covers Shattuck, OK southwest through Amarillo to Texico, NM, then southeast through Lubbock to Temple. The first portion of the lines covered was built by the Santa Fe under the name Southern Kansas Railway of Texas through Waynoka to Panhandle City in 1888. This line was later extended to Amarillo.

To comply with Texas law, the Santa Fe, under the name Pecos and Northern Texas Railway began building southwest from Amarillo through Canyon to Texico in 1898. Then continued under the name Pecos Valley and Northeastern Railway completed the line to Carlsbad, NM in 1899. The Santa Fe built a line south from Canyon to Plainview in 1907 and extended this to Lubbock in 1910.

Traffic increased dramatically when the Santa Fe completed the Belen Cutoff in 1908 and rerouted much of the freight traffic off the line over Raton Pass in 1909. The railroad began installing automatic block signals between Waynoka, OK and Clovis, NM in 1909. Due to increased traffic, the Santa Fe added a second track from Pampa through Amarillo to just north of Canyon in 1927 and had block signals installed by 1930. CTC was added from Waynoka to Canadian in 1946 and extended to Pampa in 1947. The CTC installation between Texico, NM and Amarillo was completed in April 1948. CTC was installed between Clovis and Texico on seven miles of double track in 1960. The CTC machines were in the Amarillo dispatchers office until 1986.

A group of Galveston businessmen had a vision of building a railroad into Texas and incorporated the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company in 1873. Actual construction began at Galveston in 1875 and stopped at Arcola in 1877 because of poor financing. With more financial backing the building started again in 1879 and reached Rosenberg by the end of the year, and Cameron by the end of 1880. After completing a line to Fort Worth in 1881, the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe began building northwest from Temple and reached Lampasas in 1882. The railroad reached Brownwood in 1885 and Coleman in 1886. The Coleman Cutoff was completed between Coleman and Texico, NM in 1914. Block signals were installed between Waynoka and Texico starting in 1927 and finishing during 1929. In 1931, 54 US&S color light signals were installed on 32 miles of single track between Southland, TX and Justiceburg. The rest of the line between Texico and Temple remained dark territory until 1946 when 135 color light signals were added between Brownwood, TX and Buffalo Gap on 77 miles of single track. The Santa Fe installed 59 US&S signals between Buffalo Gap, TX and Sweetwater in 1948.  and between Slaton and Sweetwater in 1950. In 1949 block signals were added from Brownwood to Nolanville, TX 72 miles. The Santa Fe completed the installation of signaling between Texico and Temple by adding 31 US&S block signals from Temple to Nolanville, TX in 1950. CTC was extended from Slaton to Lubbock 14 miles in 1951. The Santa Fe ordered US&S CTC for Lubbock to Texico 88 miles in 1960. The line from Sweetwater to Temple was dispatched by train orders and is now under track warrants.

Due to the increase in container traffic, the railroad added a second track between Avard (the connection with the old Frisco) and Waynoka in 1994, Heman to Curtis in 1995, Goodwin to Higgins and Codman to Pampa in 1996. Then extended double track from Canyon to Hereford and Texico to Parmerton in 1997 and by December 1999 had double tracked the whole Hereford Subdivision. BNSF added more double track between Lora and Codman in 2003, Woodward to Tangier in 2004, and Waynoka to Heman in 2005.

A Santa Fe switch engine has just 
added a caboose to the train Jack will ride in to Fort Madison, MO

I've added pictures taken by my brother Steve from train chasing trips we made together in the early 70s. As I get more pictures processed, I'll add more of his pictures to the Gallery. I've also added pictures taken by Jack Delano for the Office of War Information in March 1943 to this and the Transcon series. In the picture above, a switch engine has just added a caboose to the train Jack will ride in from Chillicothe, IL to Fort Madison, Iowa. I have also integrated pictures from a short trip in 2006. This will make it easier for you to compare the changes that took place over about sixty years. As a reference, I've added some older timetables from the

Waynoka & Panhandle Subdivisions

Hereford Subdivision

Slaton Subdivision and the

Lampasas Subdivision

Shattuck, OK

Canadian, TX



St. Francis










Texico, NM















Santa Anna






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