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Santa Fe train picture gallery Dallas, Cresson, and Dublin Subdivisions

This train picture gallery covers the Dallas, Cresson, and Dublin Subdivisions from Cedar Hill (southwest of Dallas) to Cleburne, to Cresson, through Dublin to Brownwood. The Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe purchase the Chicago, Texas & Mexican Central between Cleburne and Dallas in 1882. The railroad got a major shot in the arm through a stock swap with the Santa Fe and began a major build out in 1886. The railroad came under the control of the AT&SF in 1887, but didn't officially merge with the Santa Fe until 1965. By the end of 1887 the railroad had pushed north from Fort Worth to reach the Santa Fe at Purcell Oklahoma, northeast from Dallas to reach the SLSF at Paris, and from Cleburne northwest to Weatherford. The railroad completed a major shop facility in Cleburne in 1899. These shops were completely rebuilt after a fire in 1904.

The Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway Company began construction in Fort Worth in November 1886, reached Grandbury in 1887, Comanche in 1890, and Brownwood in 1891. The company came under the control of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company in 1901. The line was extended to Menard in 1911. In 1937 the Santa Fe purchased the FW&RG in a foreclosure proceeding. This shortened the distance from Fort Worth to Clovis by 117 miles. The Santa Fe installed CTC between Fort Worth and Brownwood in 1960. The line was sold to Cen-Tex Rail in May 1994. Cen-Tex Rail operates the Fort Worth & Western Railroad and South Orient Railroad. It removed the old CTC on the Dublin Sub soon after taking over the line.

The Santa Fe completed a new branchline in December 1955 from near Sanger to Zacha Junction for a better connection with its Dallas to Paris line for Chicago traffic. Zacha Junction was Santa Fe's TOFC terminal for Dallas until the new Alliance Terminal was completed in 1994. In 1992 the Santa Fe sold the middle of the Dalls Sub to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the northern section to the Kansas City Southern. Also that year, the railroad secured trackage rights over the Union Pacific between Fort Worth and Tecific near Sweetwater. In 1995, the KCS purchased the Santa Fe line to Dallas and the branch to Sanger (now Metro Junction) with trackage rights into the new Alliance Yard. Included in the purchase was the Zacha Intermodal Terminal. Some pages may contain links to Santa Fe's Hot 27 trains.

ATSF freight train symbol 508 stops at Waples, TX

Cedar Hill
Ward Spur

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