Extra 3358 West at Alice, TX

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Construction of the SP line to Harlingen began at Alice on September 24, 1903. It reached Falfurrias on June 1, 1904 and Harlingen on February 8, 1927.

Extra 3358 West at Alice, TX

The SP crosses the Texas Mexican Railway in Alice. The train has set out engines 6634, and 6605 and about half of its train at Alice and will continue south with engine 3358. Most of the cars set out will go to Laredo via the Tex-Mex.

Southern Pacific trains meet at Seeligson, TX

Just before sunset Extra 3385 West meets Extra 3648 East at Seeligson on December 8, 1977. Seeligson is at milepost 67 as measured from Skidmore. Disk 103