Southern Pacific perishable train symbol WCESP at Anacacho, TX

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On my 1977 eastbound trip I overnighted in Spofford. The GH&SA constructed a line south from Spofford to Eagle Pass in 1882. The coal mines in the Nava area (about 16 miles south of Pedras Negras) supplied SP steam engines for many years. During my visit, there was not much traffic using this branch line: one or two trains a day. The more direct route was through Laredo via the MP. In fact there must have been a M/W window as I didn't see a train from the time I got up until Extra 8874 East (train symbol WCESP) came through a little before noon.

Southern Pacific perishable train symbol WCESP on Elm Creek bridge at Anacacho, TX

On December 5, 1977 Extra 8874 East went into the siding at Anacacho to meet Extra 8771 West (train symbol BSMFY). The train is crossing the Elm Creek.

Southern Pacific freight train symbol BSMFY at Anacacho, TX

Almost all of the wires were removed from the telephone poles after CTC was installed. Instead of code lines, all of the switches and signals are activated by microwave signals. See the antenna next to the signal box.

Southern Pacific perishable train symbol WCESP on the East Fork of Elm Creek bridge

Just after coming out of the siding Extra 8874 East crossed over the East Fork of Elm Creek. Disk 101